Monday, July 13, 2015

Rock Rebel

 Melody By Nocturne
found here
Mysterious Seduction by Pink Paradox productions
 found here

 mask 85 by Mizteeque found here
 font- Stereofidelic
Template 55 by flaminsal found here

Open template and delete the Cr layer
Add paper6 and apply the mask. i merged the mask then applied it twice to fill the space.
 Then place the building elements above this layer. Reduce 88 and 89 by 70% and just place the others around them
Reduce el 108 by50% and place it to the top of the canvas behind the buildings layers and then duplicate free rotate it 90 to the left and place it above the buildings layers on the left and right
Reduce el 92 by 20 and place to the left above the love sign
copy/paste paper 1 into the  blue square, paper 13 into the black rectangle and paper 11 into the wordart. 
Reduce el 3 by 50% and place the face over the top grey rectangle
 then place the closeup tubes in the two bottom grey rects. Apply radiance to all the tubes in the grey rects.
Copy/paste paper 49 into selections of the white frames, then apply an inner bevel and enhance more.
Reduce  el 154 by 50% and place under the arrow layer
 Activate the arrow layer and place el73 ball over the activated portions, invert selections and hit delete then enhance edges.
Reduce your tube by 35%, duplicate and apply radiance, then change the blend to soft light
Activate the wordart layer and enhance edges, contract the selections by 4, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 14 into selections
Reduce the following elements:
el 76 by 30%
el 1, 4,47,93 by 25%
el 61 , 172 by 20%
el 24 by 15%
el 10,45,59,60 by 10%

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