Friday, July 17, 2015

SteamPunk Magic

 Coming soon to
Steampunk Magic fairy & Matching kit 

 Font -Iron man of war download it here
 mask- random mask by Jackie download it here
 second mask from the top
Xero Radiance

 Open  a new canvas 650 by 650
Place the closeup tube twice
Apply Photo effects- film& filter- Vivid
I applied this to all elements in the tag
place element 28 between them.
 Enhance edges then duplicate and change the blend to multiply
 Freehand select the inside of the frame and invert selections
erase the bottom portion of the tube on both tube layers.
 On the top tube layer erase the portion covering the elements of the frame.
Add Closeup tube2 mirrored to the right of the bottom tube layer and apply Film& filters as we did before and radiance
 The add a new raster layer select the inside of the frame and copy paste paper8 flipped
Change the blend to burn on the tube layer
Reduce el 4 by 50% and place the rest around as you wish.
 I used elements 17,18,22,38,39,41 and 52
Add paper 6 and apply your mask
 Add your name with a linear gradient using two colors. i used black and a burnt orange  #db631b
 Then convert to raster, enhance edges , duplicate change the top blend to screen merge down and drop shadow
 add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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