Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sun Surfing

 Surf By Kajenna

 Found here

Sail Away By Toxic Desirez
 Found here

Template by Kiya 
 found here
 Font MF Kazinbarcika
 Open template and delete the cr layer
Copy/paste the background element into the beige rectangle layer
Place frame 3 behind this layer towards the top and again in front of the grey rectangle layer. then delete the grey rectangle.
Click inisde frame 3 that is in front and expand the selections by 2, copy/pastes the background image into selections of a new raster layer , then change the blend to screen.
 Place the close up tube under the paper layer and change then blend to hard light
Place the boat infront of the frame
Change the mask layer to overlay
 place paper over the green bar layer, invert selections and hit delete
 Place the lighthouse , sparkles and palm tree to the left under the frame 3 paper layer
Reduce the net and anchor by 505 then the lifesaver at 45% and place in front of the boat layer to the left
On the right reduce the crab by 30%, flower  and dolphin by 25% sunglasses by 20% towels by 35%
 Reduce your tube by 35%
 add the sand element twice once on the top and then on the bottom of the canvas as the mask.
 Then place the waves over the boat and under the crab layer.
 Add your name and change then blend to overlay
 drop shadow the entire tag  2, -2,50,4 black
 close the white background then merge the tag , reduce the entire tag by 650 pixels and sharpen add the artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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