Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Watermelon Pretty Splash

 Tube by Kajenna Nereid
 sold here
 Kit By Toxic Desirez called Watermelon Splash
 sold here
 Template 4 by FlaminSal download it here
(sorry 4 days ago this link was valid try and recreate the template on your own)
Mask- moonbeams and spiderwebs mask 50 download here
Font LD Watermelon
Xero- greyscaler
Eye candy Gradient glow
Eye Candy 5 Nature water drops
Open template and reduce to 650 pixels
Delete all the word art layers , star and Cr layers
Tube treatment:
Open up shorts 4( the green layer)
Shirt 3 apply Xero-greyscaler at default then duplicate ,change the blend to screen and opacity to 71.This is to change the shirt to the color white.
Open hair1 and hair2. On the hair2 layer change the blend to lighten . Close all other unused layers and merge visible.
 Copy/paste on to your template and reduce by 30%
Place grass&bushes elements mirrored at the bottom edge of the tube then using your free hand selection tool feather set to 20 select the bottom and side edges in a wavy pattern then hit delete twice. this removes the harsh edges of the element
Copy/paste desired papers into selection of all the template layers
 Apply A thick white gradient glow to circle 1,2 and black border
Reduce the following elements:
 to all the watermelon elements apply Eye Candy Water drops and change the seed for each element.
 Once we are done playing with the font apply this filter to the name as well.
Reduce the following elements:
25%-butterfly2,drink, flower1 and 3
30%Melon1 and 3
40%-air balloon
50%-flower1, birdhouse,Melon2 and ribbon
 place Tree2 to the right and erase the trunk
 add paper 8 and apply your mask
Type out your name  in black then duplicate to darken.
 Using the same two colors in the melon flesh make a linear gradient.
Click inside the lettering, expand your selection by 2, add a new raster layer and flood fill the letters in the gradient. Repeat with the letter shadow using the color from the watermelon rind. then drop shadow. Merge them down, drop shadow again then apply the water drops
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
 Thanks for looking

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