Sunday, July 5, 2015


 Um Whatever by Toxic Desirez
 sold here

Ice cream By Kajenna 
Sold here

Fonts used:
VTKS Beautiful dreams
Only Skulls dingbats
Bride of the monster

Mura's Meister Copies
Eye Candy 4 HSB Noise and Gradient Glow
Xenofex2 Cracks

Template 251 by Kristin download it here
 Scroll down in the middle bar there is a direct download to the set of templates

Open template and reduce the longest side to 650 pixels
Play with the tube hair color. I changed the color a bit to match the kit.
Using the red hair layer I applied ADJUST-HUE&SATURATION-HUE/SATURATION/BRIGHTNESS: on the edit drop box select  REDS and the hue slider change it to -26.
Then reduce the tube by 32% and place in the center of the template. Duplicate and change the blend to the top tube to multiply, then merge down.
Place thorned heart&roses to the left and grunge skulls to the right
 on the right reduce elements: 
20%-spiked ball , bracelet
on the left:
20%-drink can
25%-bunny, gum pack , bottle cap and ice scream
50%-skull&roses,doodle and bow3
place the sparkles , star border and splatter behind the tube layer
 Reduce wire by 50% and place n the left and right behind the template top area
Above this layer reduce  frame 1 by 50% then apply Encircle by Mura's Meister -copies
Copy/paste desired papers into selections of the raster layers.  and Enhance all paper layers.Reduce frame3 by 40%  and place over raster 5.
 Reduce the brad by 10% and apply Mura Meister copies encircle and place it over each of the raster4 layers then merge them down and duplicate three times.
 Apply Eye Candy4 HSB noise setting to necrotic tissue and change the seed for each layer applied
Reduce the eyeball by 105 and place  inside the sockets of the ice cream. duplicate and free rotate each duplicate 90 to the right.
Add your name in a gradient using two colors of the kit then a gradient glow in white.
to create the tattoos and art on the shirt i used Trashco font in white size 30 pixels on the shirt and used the lighten/darken tool to darken the edges and middle where her breast creased.
 The word whatever tattoo was done with the beautiful dreams font and use the pick tool to rotate the word to match the angle of the arm.
 Only skulls dingbat was used capitol letter H for the skulls and lower case "w" for the hand
 Add your artist URL, CR and your license number
 Save as a PNG ( unless you plan to animate the tag)

 To animate add a merged copy of your tag to AS( animation Shop) with the two rotated eyes layers closed.
 then the next frame open one of the rotated eyeball and one of the other brads layers, repeat this until all brad layers and eye ball layers are open. you should have 4 frames.
 Save as a GIF. Thanks for looking

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