Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Magic Puppy's Day Off

 Magic Puppy By Kajenna
 sold here
FTU kit Manipulated By Magik called
Visions of Autumn( the second one down)
DLL it here
FTU font Caprica script
DLL it here
Mask used download it here

 Eye candy 5 Impact-Glass

Add paper 13 to the canvas and apply your mask
Add the tube reduced by 35%
elements used
log, mushroom, mushroom2,sparkles, leaves, leaf6, branch, dandelions, dandelion, butterflies, gourd,2 pumpkins, apples, roses,leaves scatter,leaves scatter2, tree, tree2
 Reduce leaf 2 50%
Acorns, beech nut, hazelnuts by 35%
Drop shadow used on the elements was 2,2 100,4 black
 Hold off on the 2 pumpkins layer
 Add your name in 48pixels size, then convert to raster. 
Select all, float, defloat and hit delete on the 2 pumpkin layer.
 Add a new raster layer and apply Eye candy Impact Glass at these settings:

Then hit OK and apply Effects,Edge Effects- Enhance at default twice and move under the pumpkin layer then drop shadow the pumpkins
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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