Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Winter Memory

 Winter Memory By Verymany can be found here
FTU kit by Pink Paradox productions called " Winter Memory"
 Can be downloaded here
Mask 53 by moonbeams and spiderwebs can be downloaded here
Font Mistuki can be download here
Eye Candy 5 Nature-Icicles

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 55%
Reduce frame 2 by 50% then free rotate it 10 to the right
Reduce frame 5 by 65% and place behind the first frame
Click inside the first frame,expand the selections by 3, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper18 into the selections
Repeat with the second frame using paper instead
Then duplicate the paper 12 and apply Effects-3D effects -cutout at these settings:
Place the tube again and mirror ir. move it to the bottom edge of the second frame then activate the frame, invert selections and hit delete on the tube layer, duplicate the tube and apply Gaussian blur at 5 on the top tube and change the blend to screen the bottom tube change the blend to Luminance and lower the opacity to 38.
Activate the bottom tube, invert selections and hit delete on the top tube. this is to erase the blur overhang.
Place element 78 behind the tube layer.
The rest of the elements are reduced as follows:
10%-el 28
12%- el 3
15%-el 62
25%-el 52,55,72
30%-el 67, 71,82
35% -el  65,68
36&- el 54
40%- el 29,56,80
50% el 57,66,73
 Select the clock element and add a new raster layer, modify then selection borders, flood fill in a gold gradient
 Add paper 20 and apply your mask
using a linear gradient type your name out using two colors from the kit. I used these two colors
#257b95 and #85d6de
Convert to raster then duplicate and apply Eye candy Icicles at these settings:
 setting- medium sheet of shiny ice
 then place the sheet of ice name under the gradient name, set the gradient name blend to overlay/
Add the artist URL, CR , your license and tagline
 Thanks for looking

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