Friday, December 11, 2015

My Christmas Balls

 Christmas Ball by Verymany found here
FTU Official Verymany match kit by Pink Paradox productions called Christmas Ball 
 download it her

 Mask set 101 mask1 by Rachel download tr here
Albemarle Swash font  was used
 Xero- pastellise
Eye Candy Chrome and Gradient glow
Xenofex2 constellations
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 55%
Reduce frame 1 by 65%
Place paper22 and apply your mask, merge the group , duplicate and move one mask to the bottom right and the other to the bottom left
Place el 80 and 81 to the top center of the canvas
 then reduce  e; 61 by 50% ans place at the top right and bottom left of the canvas
Reduce frame 9 to 35% and place at the top right and bottom left of the canvas. Apply some sparkles. i used xenofex2 constellations ,duplicate your tube and go to selections- select all on your tub- go to load save selections use drop menu to find save selection to alpha channel then click ok, you can rename it if you like
The de select the tube and apply Xero pastellise at default
 Go back to Selections-Load selections - load selection from alpha channel. you will see the matching ants around your tube, Go to modify, invert your selections then hit delete.. move the cropped tube under the frame nine areas to your liking, click inside the frames and expand your selection by 3 inverts elections and hit delete.
 Reduce all ornaments ranging from 15%-25% 
Reduce el 36 and 38 by 35%
 Reduce 82 by 50%
Reduce el52 by45% then free rotate it 15 to the left and enhance
Place el89 over the top erase any sparkle or flake in the tube's face edges
Add your name in black and apply eye candy chrome black latex, duplicate multiply then merge down and enhance edges apply a white gradient glow and a dark blur drop shadow
Add the artist URL, CR your license number and your tag line'
 thanks for looking
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