Friday, December 4, 2015

Santa's Helper

Santa's Helper by Verymany
 found here
FTU kit called " Santa's Helper coming soon to Pink Paradox Productions blog
 download it here
Mask by Rachel mask set 101 mask 4 download it here
Font- Bu Glenda
 Mura Miester Copies
 Eye Candy Gradient glow
 Xero -Emphasis
 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 55%
We are gonna build  the elements around the tube then add the big stiff later.
Place el 69 behind the tube at the base of her legs
Behind this layer reduce el81 by 75% then add some sparkles reduced by 50% twice using el90
Reduce el6 by 40% and place above the tree layer to the left
Reduce el 12 the same size and free rotate it 20 to the left , place behind the tree layered to the left
Reduce el 13 by 30% and place at the base of the tube's knee
Reduce 27,30,36 and 42 by 25% and place to the right of the tube
 Reduce 26 by 50% and 6 by 35%
 Place el 15 aS The laste layer 
 reduce the closeup tube bu 505 then mirror and place over the cookie layer.
Using your freehand selection tool select the inside portion of the cookie under the white icing part
Apply Xero Emphasis and select the green in her eyes, free hand select the eyes and promote the layer, change the blend to the close up to tube to Luminance (L) opacity at 55%
 lower the promoted eyes to 33 %
reduce el40 by 25% and place t the top right side if the cookie
 Place el 19twice to make a flooring for the tag
Reduce el 70 by 25% and move to the center of the canvas, then apply Mura Mieter copies - encircle at these setting:
Duplicate it move one to the top right and the other to the bottom left
Reduce frame 1 by 65% , duplicate and change the blend to multiply
 Add paper4 then apply your mask
 add some snowflakes with el91
 Add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number..
 How to add your name to a curve
 I am using PSP X2
have your font set the the size and type you wanna use.
 Create elliptical shape the side you want, do not convert to raster, activate your text tool and hover the arrow to the edge of the circle your should see and arc and the letter a, start typing your name. You can move where the name is by using your move tool once happy in your layers palette, close the layer with the circle then convert to raster and apply your gradient glow

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