Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Good Morning by verymany
 found here
Intoxicating Love by Pink Paradox productions 
 found here
mask set 99 mask 3 by Rachel download it here
Font Charming normal

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 55%
 Freehand select the highlighted hair then promote the layer
Using the Adjust effects in your program Go to hue and Saturation then hue/saturation/lightness...
 Got to edit then select reds on the drop down menu and change the hue to -50
 Repeat this function with the lips and then change the blend to multiply

Reduce el 158 by 95%
Reduce el 52 by 50% and place to the top left behind the ribbon layer
 Add your tube, select all on the element. invert selections and hit delete.
 Erase the out border and lettering  on the tube layer then add a thick white gradient glow to the element
Add el 167 under the layer of the element
Reduce el 86 by 90% then place the tube many times over it , merge the tube together then then change the blend to hard light/opacity at 65.
 select the element then invert selections and hit delete on the tube layer.
Place el 66 behind this layer and erase the key portion of the element
Reduce el 159 by 50% and place to the top right
 Add paper and apply your mask
 Reduce the following elements :
 el 5 , 11812%
el 2,40 by 15%
el 21 ,74,76, 87 124 by 20%
el 13,55, 83,121,129 by 25%
 el 29 by 30%
el 96 by 40%
el 130,134, 164 by 50%
Add your name and apply Eye candy Glass then a thick white gradient glow
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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