Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fairy Dreams

Matching kit to " Fairy" is called Fairy Fantasy 
found here by Pink Paradox productions
 Fairy By Verymany
 Found here

 Filters and plugins used
 Mura Meister Copies- encircle
 Xenofex2- Constellations

  Mask of choice

 Open a new canvas 650 by 540
 reduce your tube by 50%
 Reduce element by 24 by50%
 Place behind the tube, lower the opacity of the tube and select the flowers using your pick took set to edge seeker. once done turret the tube to 100% then erase the bottom of the tube that falls in the select area. deselect and using your eraser tool setting set ti
erase the bottom portion of the tube covering the flowers a bit
Reduce el 52 and 126 and place on each side of the canvas
 on the right of the canvas reduce el 40 by 50%
el 65 by 35%  and el 11 by 45%
On the left reduce el 17 by 50%, elements 110 and 145 at 25%
 Reduce el58 by 25% and eraser=e the spots sticking out then apply Mura Miester copies encircle, duplicate it then place one to the bottom left and the other to the bottom right
 Reduce el138 by 65% and pace to the top of the canvas
 apply your mask to paper 45
 add your name and constellation to it' the artist URL, CR and your license 

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