Thursday, February 25, 2016

Irish Gold 4 Piece set 2016

 I used three tubes from one artist! 
Dryad by Kajenna found here
 Lucky by Kajenna Found here
 Irish Cat by Kajenna found here
 Irish gold By Carita Creationz
found here

Mask3 SET 79 by Rachel found here On the right under BULK MASKS
 Font- high Society NF
Mura Meister copies- Encircle

 Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce the Dryad tube by 35%
Place frame 6 under the tube layer
Click inside the frame and expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 6 into selection
Place closeups of the tubes over the paper layer then emerge them down, change the blend to screen 48 opacity then duplicate and change then blend to  hard light and opacity at 28%
the group of tubes with the hard light blend should be above the screen tubes
 Select all on the paper layer invert selections and delete the excess on both merged tube layers
Place el 20 behind the paper layer on the top right corner
Reduce el 13 by 50% and place to the top right, duplicate and move down to the bottom right, duplicate and mirror, duplicate and free rotate it 25 to the right
 Place el7 and apply Mura Meister copies Encircle at these settings:
Add paper2 and apply your mask. I merged the group and duplicated the mask to fit all four corners of the canvas
Place el 24 on the top left corner of the frame
Reduce el 28 by 50% and place over the greenery
 Reduce el 25 by 80% and place over the ribbon layer
Add Dryad to the canvas and reduce by 35%
 Reduce el 49 by 50% then select all,increase your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper9 into selections
Mirror el 18 and place under the tube layer to appear as if she is sitting on the hat.
On both the tube layer and the hat layer apply Effects, Photo Effects- film and filters vivid at default. Repeat this with any elements that are not as bright.
Add "lucky" and reduce by 15%. Then add lucky's element the pot with cookies and reduce by 15% then apply Vivid effects as we did before to the pot cookies and cat.
Add " Irish Cat" and reduce by 13% 
 Go back and open other layers changing his appearance and reduce by 10%.
No need to add vivid effects to this tube. it is bright enough( unless you want to )
Reduce the following elements
el 39 ,19 by 20%
 el 12, 14, 46 by 45%
 el 38, 1, 15, 45 by 50%
 Free rotate el 2 90 to the right, duplicate and mirror
 Drop shadow all non living objects 2,2,100,5 black
 then the rest at 2,2,40,5, black
 Add your name in a gradient using two colors from the kit and a gold gradient as the stroke (2 pixels)
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number
 Save as a PING
 Our tag is now done ... 
moving on to the Avatar

 open a new canvas 125 by 200 pixels then going back to the main tag we made copy the encircled element and add to the avatar canvas. This will act as our background for any spaces that might occur when we place our tubes.
 Copy " Dryad" tube from the tag and add to the avatar canvas
Then add both cats from the original tube file and reduce both cats by 10%
Add your name in the same fashion as the large tag and your artist CR and your license number.
 Crop your tag then select the background layer. Select all-modify- selection borders- add border at 1 pixel, then add a new raster layer on top.
Open paper 7 and copy/paste it into selections of the border and drop shadow
 Save as a PNG

Moving on to our forum tag

Open a new canvas 650 by 350
Repeat the same motion to make the border as we did with the avatar using paper 7
Going back to our large tag copy the tube and place them to the right of the forum tag canvas.
Grab the frame and place to the left then garb the paper and place under the frame.
Add Dryad tube again but from the original file and reduce by 50% then mirror.
 Change the blend to soft light, duplicate and change the opacity to the top tube to 48%
Grab el 49" Irish Gold" from the large tag and reduce by 50%. Duplicate and make tile of the wording
 Then select all on the paper layer , invert selections and hit delete on both large tube layers and the tiled wordart.
Grab elements from the large tag to decorate your forum tag.
 I used elements 1,2,7,12,13,14,15,24 and 25
 Grab your name  and CR items from the large tag and save as a PNG

 moving on to the name tag

I didn't use any tubes for this tag just the elements from the large tag all reduced by 50% except for the " Irish gold " word art and the outline taken from the large tag.
Items used from the large tag are elements
1,2,7,12,14,15,19,20,24,25,45 and 46
Arrangement as follows:
 place the wordart and outline on the canvas
Add the clock and daisy in the center behind the wordart
Add the flower and leaves on each side
 Add the beans,horse shoe, splatter and gold coins to the right
the harp,folded paper and branch to the left
Add the glitter  elements under it , add your name and CR
 Save as a PNG


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