Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring is here 2016

Hailey by Kajenna found here
FTU kit by Melissa
found here
 mask 14 by Melissa found here
 Font Grenadine
gradient glow- eye candy
Classic Mosaic - Xenofex2
Rag Paper- Filters unlimited

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 28%
 place el 33 on the bottom and behind
 mirror el 2 and reduce by 70%
 Reduce el 7 by 70% and place behind the grass layer
Reduce el 14 by 40% and place behind the grass layer as well
 behind this later mirror el7 and reduce by 80%
Place el 30 and reduce by 35% to the bottom right behind all the grass layers
Reduce el 32 by 50% and free hand select the cloud portion.Promote the layer then apply Xenofex2 Classic Mosaic and change the blend to soft light
Reduce el 15 by 90%
Place the tube again and mirror it. reduce by 50%
 Add paper 10 and apply your mask, merge group select all on the mask layer invert selections and hit delete on the tube layer.
 then using the frame as a guideline erase the portion of the tube shown pass the left of the frame 
Add el 25 over the tube layer
 reduce the following elements:
el36 by 20%
el1 by 25%
el4 by 30%
el21 by 40%
el5  and 40 by 50%
el8 by 70%
 Add your name and a thick white gradient glow then apply Paper texture filter from Filters Unlimited 2 called rag paper
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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