Thursday, March 31, 2016


Rosalie by Verymany found here
PTU kit by Pink Paradox Productions
Flowering melody
 found here
 Font- AL Fantasy Type

New canvas 650 by 650 pixels
Building from the bottom up Reduce frame 7 by 65%
Add el 52 and duplicate. On the bottom element apply Gaussian Blur at 20 then apply Effects-Texture effects Blinds: 2,44 black horizontal checked
Apply some sparkles. i used Xenofex2 Constellations.
Reduce el 155 by 50% flip and place to the top left and bottom right( right side up )
Reduce Frame8 by 65% and apply Film& Filters-vivid found in Photo Effects
Reduce el 127 by 50% and place at the bottom portion of the frame
Click inside the frame, expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 15 in selections.
Add your tube, invert selections then hit delete.
using your color changer tool, use your dropper to pull the pink from the kit and flood fill the darkest portion of her lips.Duplicate the tube apply Gaussian Blur at 3 and change the blend to screen to the top tube.
 Erase the bottom of your canvas you gonna have some blurred portion of the tube peeking out.
Reduce elements 96 and 140 by 30%
103, 105 and 155 by 50%
118 by 60%,84 by 20%,5 by 15% and  4 by 10%
 add your name in a gold gradient, convert to raster, apply effects-edge effects-enhance
 Drop shadow the enhnaced frame and name close and heavy
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number


 Gipsy by Verymany found here
Gypsy Rose by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here
 Font Springtime
Mask Fab cc April mask1 found here
Toadies- where are you
Open a new canvas , reduce your tube by 50%
Place el97 behind the tube
 Reduce elements 58,78 149and 137 by 50% and place on top of the rose layer
To the right of the tube reduce element 101 by 25% then mirror,
El39 by 50%, el 36 by 70, el 35 and 24 by 20
 at the base of the tube el 23 by 25 and el98 by 50% twice
On the left reduce el37 by 25 and el25 by 40
Reduce el 92 by 50% and place over the tambourine, reduce the opacity to 42 . Using the freehand selection tool select the fingers of the tube and hit delete on the rose layer.
Add your name, duplicate and apply Toadies where are you at default
 Add paper 31 and apply your mask
 Ad the artist URL, CR and your licence number

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Peach Love

Sharon by Verymany
found here

 Pink Paradox Productions
Beach Honeymoon
found here

mask 109 mask1 found
font of choice

 New canvas 650 by 650
Reduce element 115 by 90%
 Reduce your tube by 70%
duplicate it and place one on top of the frame and the other on the bottom of the frame.
 This is a trick  I do to make sure the tube looks like she is hanging out of the frame.
 Drop shadow both tubes then erase the legs and feet of both tubes.
On the top tube erase the torso all the way up to the curved hand
Click inside the element with your magic wand and expand your selections by 6, add a new raster layer and copy /paste paper 15 into selections
 Apply Effects, edge effects , enhance
Reduce frame 16 by 65% and place on the top and bottom right hand side under the element
 then place el 114 apply Film& Filters -vivid and erase the vase
Reduce 139 by 50% and place to the top left then place el73 right behind it
Reduce el 170 by 50% and place on the top right hand corner, duplicate ,mirror and flip then merge down and move to the last layer
 Add paper 38 right under it and apply your mask
Reduce the elements below to your liking and place in and around the element that we are using as a frame:
add your name, convert to rater, add effects- edge effects enhance and some sparkles
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, March 18, 2016

Steamy Choco-obsessed

 Steampunk4 by Verymany
found here
Steampunk Chocolat by pink Paradox productions
 found here

 font-carrumba hot caps
filters/plugins: xenofex2 burnt edges
Mura Miester Copies

New canvas sized 650 by 650 pixels
 Reduce the tube by 55%
Arrange all chocolate goodies  at waist of tube reduced by 25%
Candles and clockwork clusters by 45%
Reduce el 54 by 55% and el71 by 30%
ell100 by 70% place to the top left duplicate mirror and merge down, then duplicate and flip
Reduce el 82 by 55% then apply Mura Meister copies -encircle 
 Add el66 and reduce by 70% then apply Burnt edges change the edge color to the rust from your kit
 Drop shadow all elements
3,6,50,3 black
 erase the bottom half of the tube
 add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Wolf by Kajenna

 found here

 FTU kit used
Gimptastic kit
 amazing Autumn found here

This is a quick tutorial using a tube and the backgrounds that are created with some of the tube that we never get to use
Open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce the tube by 20%
Draw a circle using your preset shape in the color of the tube I used the brown on the foreground and background null.
 Convert to raster.and place right under the tube layer
 reduce the feathers on the tube by 25% and pace at the base of the tube
 Now add the background which is layer 3 on your tube file twice to cover the entire canvas.
Click inside the circle , expand your selections by 5 and promote the layer of the background then go to effects and enhance more
Create a smaller circle and convert to raster then duplicate . move both to the left
Click inside both circle and promote the layer of the back ground image.
 On the top circle mirror the original tube before we resized it and chose the eye. 
 Change the blend to luminance and erase any part of the tube outside of the circle
Duplicate the  tube we place before and mirror it. place at the bottom circle reduced by 70%.
Lower the opacity to 75
 Reduce the background by 90% and free rotate it 15 to the left and apply Effects Texture effects-fine leather at default.
Add some leaf elements to the tag as you wish. I used leaf scatter, leaf3 and leaf 4
Add your name, artist URL CR and your license.

Monday, March 14, 2016


 Ride by Nocturne 
 found here
FTU kit by Cajoline
found here
mask by Melissa's creations mask 1
Psp tube
Filter/plugin -Corona
 font of choice
open a new canvas 650 by 650
reduce tube by 45%
to create the background use two colors to make a linear gradient using a blue for the sky and a green for the grass. then apply your mask, merge group and duplicate to darken.
 using the lawn tube that comes with pspx2 or you can get it from Corel themselves add a new layer and paste the lawn around the bottom of the canvas,don'rt worry about being sloppy we will use the same mask on the lawn layer
to create the cloud use el 26 reduced by 50% free rotate it 90 to the right and apply Gaussian blur at 20, duplicate and change the blend to screen and merge down.
 to create the sun use a color yellow and create an preset shape circle the apply a sun corona by eye candy
Place el47
Reduce el 8 by 80 and place tp the left 
 Reduce el 71 by 50% and el 24 by 25
 all of these elements should be behind the gazebo
reduce th rest
 el 3,17,26 by 50%
14,3 by 40%
15 ,75 ,25by 45%
 add your name, artist URL and your license number

Animal Affections

 Bunny2 by Verymany
 found here
Barely There by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 Font Symphony Script
 mask Trese 579

Open a NEW canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 55%, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur at 2  then change the blend to screen
Reduce frame 9 by then click inside ,expand the selections by 10 , add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 29
into selections.
 Duplicate the paper and change the blend to screen
Reduce frame 8 by 55% and place behind the paper layer
 Place el 102 behind that
 then add paper 30 reduce by 80% and apply the mask-invert mask data.
 before you merge the group duplicate the paper layer within the group and change the blend to multiply then merge the group.
Reduce el 115 by 50% and place behind the tube layer
Reduce the butterfly by 10% the bunny by 20%
 all the flowers used by 15%
The lily-pad by 40%
 Add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pink Roses

 Angela by Verymany
 found here
Kit Spring Romance by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

Font Monmica demo
 mask of choice

Open frame 6  by 65%
 Reduce your tube by 55%
 reduce frame 7 by 50% and place once to the bottom left and again to the top right
Click inside the mask and expand your selections by 10. add a new raster layer copy'paste paper into selections. Add the closeup tube mirrored , change the blend to overlay, invert selections on the paper layer then hit delete on the tube layer
Add el 102 and erase the vase place behind the paper layer , duplicate and flip.
Reduce el 158 by 50% mirrored placed to the top left and mirrored again to the bottom right
Reduce el 164 bt 50% and place to the left
 all flowers used were reduced by 25%
 add your name, artist URL , CR  and your licensee number

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Purple Dreams

Jennifer by Verymany 
found here
Peaceful interlude by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

font before the rain

 Reduce your tube by 55%
Duplicate and apply Gaussian blur5 on the top tube and change the blend to soft light
 reduce frame17 by 50 %
Click inside,expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper20 into selections.
 duplicate the paper change then blend to multiply merge down the apply film& filters vivid
 behind the frame reduce el136 by 65%, duplicate mirror, merge down duplicate flip, duplicate rotate 90 to the right the duplicate one last tine and mirror.
Reduce frame 19  by 65% and 61 by 50%
place el 101 to the right , duplicate and mirror
Create a cluster with these elements:
 erase the stems drop shadow each one then merge them together.
 place around the frame and once behind the bottom right side of the tube.
Reduce the flowers and place behind the tube
 105, 89 -25
 Reduce 142 by 55% and the hinge element by 45%
 add your name in a gradient then convert to raster and enhance edges
 add the artist URL, CR and your license nuber

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pretty Alice

Alice 2 by Verymany
 found here
Alice in Wonderland by Pink Paradox productions
 found here

 font- Haricot Magique
 mask of choice

 Reduce your tube by 55% then apply PSP effect "film&filter" photo effects vivid at default.
Reduce frame 24 by 70% then click inside with your magic wand, expand your selections by 2, invert selections then erase the bottom part of your tube.
 Invert selections again , add a new raster layer and copy paste paper33 into selections. Move the paper under the frame layer
On the left of the frame rotated 15degrees to the left
Elements reduced by the following percentage:
 el 86 by 65
el 34 by 50
el20 by 25
Place the reduced elements on the left as follows:
el146 by 70%
el 80 by 45%
el5 by 40%
el55 by 25%
el6 by 20%
el163 by 10%
Place elements reduced to the right:
 el 79 by 70%
el 2, 46 and 76 by 25%
el57 by 20%
items rotated 15 degrees to the right
 el 23 by 45%
 Elements place in the center 
 reduced the following:
el 147 by 50%
el66 by 45%
Place paper 26 and apply your mask then merge group and apply noise at 100
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, March 4, 2016

Morning After

Rosanna by Verymany
 found here
 Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
Sultry Rendezvous
 found here

 font you're invited
mask horseplay pastures mask 27

 open a new canvas 650 by 650
 reduce your tube by 55%
Duplicate it and on the bottom tube apply Eye candy Perspective shadow at these settings"
Short in front
Move the nodes to match the position of the shadow shown above
Reduce the following elements:
el20 -5%
el48 , 137 -10%
el 18,75,78,80-20%
 all flowers at5%
 Frame 19 by 50% then using your pick tool setting to perspective pull the nodes inward on the right to try and match the angle of the bed, duplicate and move to the right.
 Click inside the window, expand your selections by2 then add a new raster layer and copy/paste 35 paper into selections. Duplicate the paper layer and move under the other window
Over the top of the window reduce el132 by 30% then again at 80%. duplicate and mirror place over the window on the right
Reduce el 71 by 20% and angle it the same way you did the frames
 Add paper6 reduce by 80% and apply your mask.
Add your name, artist URL , CR and your license.
If you would like to animate follow along below
 Add el2 and reduce by8% , free hand select the wings and promote the layer then hit delete on the original element.
Duplicate the wings layer twice so you should have three promoted wings layer and a layer for the bird body.
Using your wrap brush setting to push and size 20 push in the wings on the top winged layer
leave the center as is. on the bottom winged layer push the wings out.
Do this in small movements to avoid looking odd.
Now click the link toggle to lock the layers together all three wings and bird body layers.
 Select the top winged layer and bird body to be open and close the other two
 merge the tag. Copy/paste to your animating program as a new animation.
 Continue to add the other layers merged to the animation program after the first  frame.
Then using your move tool move the bird down alittle then repeat adding the merged layers to the animating program after the current frames.
 Move the bird again and repeat one last time.
In your animation program change the speed to 2
What I did between the movement change in the animation program I copied one of the frames and changed the speed to 10. i did that twice to mimic the bird movement.
 to add some sparkle I used a glare tube from PSP and reduced it by 10% then added it to the animating program as a new animation and applied a image transition effect-fade
I selected all on the glare,propagate paste then on the tag selected the number of frames my glare animation had. mine was 9 frames so i selected only the last nine frames of my tag then pasted the glare to the perfume bottle.
 Went back to the glare animation and reversed the frames , selected all and paste it to the tag again but placed the glare on the ring.
 then save as a GIF
 thanks for looking