Monday, March 14, 2016


 Ride by Nocturne 
 found here
FTU kit by Cajoline
found here
mask by Melissa's creations mask 1
Psp tube
Filter/plugin -Corona
 font of choice
open a new canvas 650 by 650
reduce tube by 45%
to create the background use two colors to make a linear gradient using a blue for the sky and a green for the grass. then apply your mask, merge group and duplicate to darken.
 using the lawn tube that comes with pspx2 or you can get it from Corel themselves add a new layer and paste the lawn around the bottom of the canvas,don'rt worry about being sloppy we will use the same mask on the lawn layer
to create the cloud use el 26 reduced by 50% free rotate it 90 to the right and apply Gaussian blur at 20, duplicate and change the blend to screen and merge down.
 to create the sun use a color yellow and create an preset shape circle the apply a sun corona by eye candy
Place el47
Reduce el 8 by 80 and place tp the left 
 Reduce el 71 by 50% and el 24 by 25
 all of these elements should be behind the gazebo
reduce th rest
 el 3,17,26 by 50%
14,3 by 40%
15 ,75 ,25by 45%
 add your name, artist URL and your license number

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