Thursday, March 31, 2016


 Gipsy by Verymany found here
Gypsy Rose by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here
 Font Springtime
Mask Fab cc April mask1 found here
Toadies- where are you
Open a new canvas , reduce your tube by 50%
Place el97 behind the tube
 Reduce elements 58,78 149and 137 by 50% and place on top of the rose layer
To the right of the tube reduce element 101 by 25% then mirror,
El39 by 50%, el 36 by 70, el 35 and 24 by 20
 at the base of the tube el 23 by 25 and el98 by 50% twice
On the left reduce el37 by 25 and el25 by 40
Reduce el 92 by 50% and place over the tambourine, reduce the opacity to 42 . Using the freehand selection tool select the fingers of the tube and hit delete on the rose layer.
Add your name, duplicate and apply Toadies where are you at default
 Add paper 31 and apply your mask
 Ad the artist URL, CR and your licence number

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