Friday, March 4, 2016

Morning After

Rosanna by Verymany
 found here
 Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
Sultry Rendezvous
 found here

 font you're invited
mask horseplay pastures mask 27

 open a new canvas 650 by 650
 reduce your tube by 55%
Duplicate it and on the bottom tube apply Eye candy Perspective shadow at these settings"
Short in front
Move the nodes to match the position of the shadow shown above
Reduce the following elements:
el20 -5%
el48 , 137 -10%
el 18,75,78,80-20%
 all flowers at5%
 Frame 19 by 50% then using your pick tool setting to perspective pull the nodes inward on the right to try and match the angle of the bed, duplicate and move to the right.
 Click inside the window, expand your selections by2 then add a new raster layer and copy/paste 35 paper into selections. Duplicate the paper layer and move under the other window
Over the top of the window reduce el132 by 30% then again at 80%. duplicate and mirror place over the window on the right
Reduce el 71 by 20% and angle it the same way you did the frames
 Add paper6 reduce by 80% and apply your mask.
Add your name, artist URL , CR and your license.
If you would like to animate follow along below
 Add el2 and reduce by8% , free hand select the wings and promote the layer then hit delete on the original element.
Duplicate the wings layer twice so you should have three promoted wings layer and a layer for the bird body.
Using your wrap brush setting to push and size 20 push in the wings on the top winged layer
leave the center as is. on the bottom winged layer push the wings out.
Do this in small movements to avoid looking odd.
Now click the link toggle to lock the layers together all three wings and bird body layers.
 Select the top winged layer and bird body to be open and close the other two
 merge the tag. Copy/paste to your animating program as a new animation.
 Continue to add the other layers merged to the animation program after the first  frame.
Then using your move tool move the bird down alittle then repeat adding the merged layers to the animating program after the current frames.
 Move the bird again and repeat one last time.
In your animation program change the speed to 2
What I did between the movement change in the animation program I copied one of the frames and changed the speed to 10. i did that twice to mimic the bird movement.
 to add some sparkle I used a glare tube from PSP and reduced it by 10% then added it to the animating program as a new animation and applied a image transition effect-fade
I selected all on the glare,propagate paste then on the tag selected the number of frames my glare animation had. mine was 9 frames so i selected only the last nine frames of my tag then pasted the glare to the perfume bottle.
 Went back to the glare animation and reversed the frames , selected all and paste it to the tag again but placed the glare on the ring.
 then save as a GIF
 thanks for looking

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