Monday, May 30, 2016

Celebrating Our Freedoms

 Hannah By Verymany
 found here
Pink Paradox Verymany match- Beachy Stars & Stripes 
 found here
 Font Mandingo
 mask of choice

 new canvas, reduce tube by 45%
Apply XERO-TWEAKER at these settings:
Reduce frame 8 by 80% twice then apply TWEAKER. Click the center white circle, select all and copy paste paper 43 into selection.
Reduce frame 10 by 45% and pace inside of the previous frame. Click inside the new frame, expand your selections by 2, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper 16 into selections
Add paper 31 and apply your mask move to the bottom.
Place 167 and 175above the frames layers and reduce by 50%
 Reduce el 27 by 45% free rotate it 20 to the left
Reduce el 22 and 54 by 25% and apply TWEAKER 
Reduce el 15 and 46 by 10%
El 25 by 30%
el 39 and 101 by 40%
The rest by 25%
 add your name in a red lettering with white outline then all inner bevel, duplicate change the blend to hard light.
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Golden Siren

 Mermaid 3 by Verymany
 found here
Tropical Siren By Pink Paradox Production
 found here
mask  3 by Rachel found here
 Font of choice

open a new canvas 650 by 650
Reduce your tube by 50%, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur at 5 on the top tube then change the blend to screen. On the bottom tube apply EFFECTS- PHOTO EFFECTS-FILM&FILTERS-VIVID- setting to warming.
All drop shadow in this tag was done in a brown color blur at 10
Reduce frame 10 by 50%
Add paper 37 behind reduce by 70%
 Click inside the frame, expand the selections by 4 then promote the paper.
Apply your mask to the original paper and add your tube close up above the promoted paper.
 change the blend to screen, select all on the promoted paper layer, invert selections and hit delete on the tube layer.
Reduce el 82 by 80% and place between the masked and promoted paper layer.
the rest of the elements were reduced by 50% and 25%
 see tag for reference.
 I used the following elements
Using ES chic 33 gradient type out your name.
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dream Big , Shine Bright

 Dreams by Verymany
 found here
 Goodnight Wishes by Pink Paradox Productions
Found here
 Mask WSL 99
 Font - dream american diner
Xenofex 2 - Constellations
Eye Candy - Corona

 new canvas 650 by 650
Tube- reduced by 50%
Treatment- duplicate the tube on the top tube apply Gaussian blur at 5 and change the blend to screen.
On the bottom tube apply XERO-GRYESCALER - at default then drop shadow
Base element- reduce element 160 by 45%
Masked paper- Add paper 15 reduce by 65% then apply your mask
Element placement-
between the masked layer and base element from the bottom up reduce el 97 by 25% and place to the top left. Apply noise at 70 then drop shadow with the blur level very low to make a sharp close shadow.
Reduce el 169 by 25% and place around el 97 and drop shadow the same way.( we will duplicate this later to pace around the tag as shown )
Reduce frame 8 by 25% then place to the bottom left and top right. merge them down and change the color to to match the tube's dress.
Reduce el 143 by 50% and place the lateral edge in the center of the frames we just placed. erase anything hanging past the bottom edge of the canvas.
above the base element layer:
 Reduce el103 and 108 placed at the top and 102 , 109 placed at the bottom . All reduced by 50%
reduce 75 and 80 by 50%, el47 by 30%
el 25 by 45%,111 by 65% and 166  by 45%in the center
 el 150 by 25% free rotate 25 to the left
Above the tube layer reduce el 4 by 50%
el153 by 25% duplicate twice on the top wordart layer apply EFFECTS-ARTISTIC EFFECTS-CHROME-blend at screen,middle wordart layer change the blend to screen, the bottom apply EYE CANDY 4 -CORONA-ION CLOUD decrease the glow width to your liking.
Select the middle wa layer , select all, float then invert selections go to the ion cloud layer and apply XERO - CONSTELLATIONS- SM STARS
Duplicate the little starts we used before and place around the canvas
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yo Ho Ho

Pirate by Verymany
 found here

Captain's beauty
 by Pink Paradox Productions

   Mask 69 found here 
 Font  sweet sorrow

 Xero- greyscaler

Open canvas 650 by 650
 reduce the tube by 50%
Add paper 28 and reduce by 65% then apply your mask. Merge group, duplicate and change the blend to multiply then merge down .
 Then duplicate again to darken. Add the tube ,mirror, select all on the masked layer, float, defloat then invert selections and hit delete on the closeup tube. erase the bottom half of the tube and apply XERO- GREYSCALER. Change the blend to soft light
Reduce el 117 by 70% and place behind the masked layers on the bottom of the canvas
Place and redcue elements over the masked paper layer:
 el146 reduce by 20% then apply  GREYSCALER AND FILM&FILTERS like we did before.
Reduce el by 10% and place on the post of the ship on the paper to the right
Reduce el by 15% as well apply FILM&FILTERS Duplicate and change the blend on the top element to multiply.
Lower the opacity of the arm so you can see the ship a bit more then erase the bits of the tentacle to make it look like it is coming from behind the ship and wrapping around.
when you are done adjusting return to opacity to 100.
reduce el 85 by 20%, move down to the bottom edge of the tube, duplicate and change the blend to multiply
 Reduce el 62,54 by 20%
el 107 by 15%
el 34 by 30%
el 80 by 50%
 el 156 by 70%
 add your name in a linear gradient
 I used colors #400a15 and #120000
used ES chic 32 gradient as an outline
Add artist URL, CR  and your license number

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Black Sands Beach

 Sunny Day By Verymany
 found here
Black Sands By Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 Font Cecilia Script
 mask WSL 59

Gradient glow

 open a new canvas reduce the tube by 80%
Apply Effects-photo effects- film&filters -Vivid- setting at warming
Add paper 24 and apply your mask
 Reduce el 150 by 65% twice and place to the top left and bottom right, merge together then apply noise at 85
Reduce el 92 by 40% then apply film & filters at the same settings as the tube.
Reduce el 48 by 50% , duplicate and change the  blend mode to the top element to difference and set the opacity to 85%
Reduce el 112 by 50% and place to the left and right of the bottom of the canvas
reduce el 111 and 138 by 35% and free rotate them 25 to the left and right
reduce 19,28,128 and 131 by 20%
85 by 25%
28, 35,37 and 39 by 30%
18, 82and 99 by 40%
137 by 50%
141 by 70%
Add your name, artist URL CR and your license number

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Doggy Friend

Furry Friends 3 by Very many 
Parisian Dream By Pink Paradox Productions

Template 3 by Rachel

Font- Brotherhood script

Open the template and reduce to 650 by 650 pixels
Reduce your tube by 50% move to the left  of the canvas, duplicate, apply Gaussian blur of 5 , change the blend to screen and lower the opacity to 51 on the top tube
copy/paste paper 27 into layer 4 ,place the tube again, mirror and move over the paper layer, change the blend to screen then erase tube's overhang
 Reduce el 141 by 40% and change the blend to overlay. Place over the tube layer.
Merge layers 2 and 3, select all, copy paste paper 3 into selections
copy/paste paper4 into layer 1, paper26 into t layer 6, paper10 into layer 7
 Copy yhr bottom tube we reduced move over the paper layer we just added and change the blend to soft light. Erase the excess tube
Add paper 9 and apply the mask of choice
Under layer1 reduce and place the following elements:
135 65% place on the left
118 50% place on the left
frame 14 and 9, element 150  and 139( rotated 90 to the right)50% place on the right
Under layer 4
place el 125
reduce el 116 by 65%,124 by 45% and 114 by 80%
Over layer 7 reduce el 122  and 152 by 50%
 over the tube layer el 115 by 50%
 add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number

Monday, May 9, 2016

Queen Of Nature

 Nature by Verymany
 found here
Flower Goddess
 By Pink Paradox Productions
found here

 mask of choice
 font Brev Script

 new canvas -650 by 650
 Tube reduced by 50%
paper used with mask #42
Reduce and place elements as you wish
 I reduced mine as follows:
1,2,13 by 20%
40,103 by 30%
80,83,84,102,100,176,177,184,200 by 40 %
78 by 50%
 add your name artist URL , CR and your license number

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Francesca by Verymany  found here
Natural Woman By Pink Paradox productions found here

 Crispfied mask 19
Eight Track
Kristen Curly

Reduce your tube by 50%
 Type out the word " natural" in caps using a fat font. I used Eight Track size 175
Convert to raster and duplicate. On the top font select all and copy/paste paper 18 into selections, duplicate then apply effects-texture effects-emboss and change the blend to overlay.
On the bottom font apply EYE CANDY IMPACT- EXTRUDE
Place the tube between the extrude font and papered font.
Apply EFFECTS-PHOTO EFFECTS- VIVID- setting to night effect
 place paper 17 under the layers and move up to match the bottom edge then apply your mask
Reduce frame 6 by 80% twice
Reduce elements to fill the space
I reduced all tall grass , vines and leaves by 40%
 the mowed grass by 50%
nest by 20%
 bugs, mushroom and lamp by 25%
 daisies by 50%
 add your name artist CR, URL and your license