Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dream Big , Shine Bright

 Dreams by Verymany
 found here
 Goodnight Wishes by Pink Paradox Productions
Found here
 Mask WSL 99
 Font - dream american diner
Xenofex 2 - Constellations
Eye Candy - Corona

 new canvas 650 by 650
Tube- reduced by 50%
Treatment- duplicate the tube on the top tube apply Gaussian blur at 5 and change the blend to screen.
On the bottom tube apply XERO-GRYESCALER - at default then drop shadow
Base element- reduce element 160 by 45%
Masked paper- Add paper 15 reduce by 65% then apply your mask
Element placement-
between the masked layer and base element from the bottom up reduce el 97 by 25% and place to the top left. Apply noise at 70 then drop shadow with the blur level very low to make a sharp close shadow.
Reduce el 169 by 25% and place around el 97 and drop shadow the same way.( we will duplicate this later to pace around the tag as shown )
Reduce frame 8 by 25% then place to the bottom left and top right. merge them down and change the color to to match the tube's dress.
Reduce el 143 by 50% and place the lateral edge in the center of the frames we just placed. erase anything hanging past the bottom edge of the canvas.
above the base element layer:
 Reduce el103 and 108 placed at the top and 102 , 109 placed at the bottom . All reduced by 50%
reduce 75 and 80 by 50%, el47 by 30%
el 25 by 45%,111 by 65% and 166  by 45%in the center
 el 150 by 25% free rotate 25 to the left
Above the tube layer reduce el 4 by 50%
el153 by 25% duplicate twice on the top wordart layer apply EFFECTS-ARTISTIC EFFECTS-CHROME-blend at screen,middle wordart layer change the blend to screen, the bottom apply EYE CANDY 4 -CORONA-ION CLOUD decrease the glow width to your liking.
Select the middle wa layer , select all, float then invert selections go to the ion cloud layer and apply XERO - CONSTELLATIONS- SM STARS
Duplicate the little starts we used before and place around the canvas
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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