Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Doggy Friend

Furry Friends 3 by Very many 
Parisian Dream By Pink Paradox Productions

Template 3 by Rachel

Font- Brotherhood script

Open the template and reduce to 650 by 650 pixels
Reduce your tube by 50% move to the left  of the canvas, duplicate, apply Gaussian blur of 5 , change the blend to screen and lower the opacity to 51 on the top tube
copy/paste paper 27 into layer 4 ,place the tube again, mirror and move over the paper layer, change the blend to screen then erase tube's overhang
 Reduce el 141 by 40% and change the blend to overlay. Place over the tube layer.
Merge layers 2 and 3, select all, copy paste paper 3 into selections
copy/paste paper4 into layer 1, paper26 into t layer 6, paper10 into layer 7
 Copy yhr bottom tube we reduced move over the paper layer we just added and change the blend to soft light. Erase the excess tube
Add paper 9 and apply the mask of choice
Under layer1 reduce and place the following elements:
135 65% place on the left
118 50% place on the left
frame 14 and 9, element 150  and 139( rotated 90 to the right)50% place on the right
Under layer 4
place el 125
reduce el 116 by 65%,124 by 45% and 114 by 80%
Over layer 7 reduce el 122  and 152 by 50%
 over the tube layer el 115 by 50%
 add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number

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