Thursday, May 5, 2016


Francesca by Verymany  found here
Natural Woman By Pink Paradox productions found here

 Crispfied mask 19
Eight Track
Kristen Curly

Reduce your tube by 50%
 Type out the word " natural" in caps using a fat font. I used Eight Track size 175
Convert to raster and duplicate. On the top font select all and copy/paste paper 18 into selections, duplicate then apply effects-texture effects-emboss and change the blend to overlay.
On the bottom font apply EYE CANDY IMPACT- EXTRUDE
Place the tube between the extrude font and papered font.
Apply EFFECTS-PHOTO EFFECTS- VIVID- setting to night effect
 place paper 17 under the layers and move up to match the bottom edge then apply your mask
Reduce frame 6 by 80% twice
Reduce elements to fill the space
I reduced all tall grass , vines and leaves by 40%
 the mowed grass by 50%
nest by 20%
 bugs, mushroom and lamp by 25%
 daisies by 50%
 add your name artist CR, URL and your license

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