Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Black Sands Beach

 Sunny Day By Verymany
 found here
Black Sands By Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 Font Cecilia Script
 mask WSL 59

Gradient glow

 open a new canvas reduce the tube by 80%
Apply Effects-photo effects- film&filters -Vivid- setting at warming
Add paper 24 and apply your mask
 Reduce el 150 by 65% twice and place to the top left and bottom right, merge together then apply noise at 85
Reduce el 92 by 40% then apply film & filters at the same settings as the tube.
Reduce el 48 by 50% , duplicate and change the  blend mode to the top element to difference and set the opacity to 85%
Reduce el 112 by 50% and place to the left and right of the bottom of the canvas
reduce el 111 and 138 by 35% and free rotate them 25 to the left and right
reduce 19,28,128 and 131 by 20%
85 by 25%
28, 35,37 and 39 by 30%
18, 82and 99 by 40%
137 by 50%
141 by 70%
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