Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yo Ho Ho

Pirate by Verymany
 found here

Captain's beauty
 by Pink Paradox Productions

   Mask 69 found here 
 Font  sweet sorrow

 Xero- greyscaler

Open canvas 650 by 650
 reduce the tube by 50%
Add paper 28 and reduce by 65% then apply your mask. Merge group, duplicate and change the blend to multiply then merge down .
 Then duplicate again to darken. Add the tube ,mirror, select all on the masked layer, float, defloat then invert selections and hit delete on the closeup tube. erase the bottom half of the tube and apply XERO- GREYSCALER. Change the blend to soft light
Reduce el 117 by 70% and place behind the masked layers on the bottom of the canvas
Place and redcue elements over the masked paper layer:
 el146 reduce by 20% then apply  GREYSCALER AND FILM&FILTERS like we did before.
Reduce el by 10% and place on the post of the ship on the paper to the right
Reduce el by 15% as well apply FILM&FILTERS Duplicate and change the blend on the top element to multiply.
Lower the opacity of the arm so you can see the ship a bit more then erase the bits of the tentacle to make it look like it is coming from behind the ship and wrapping around.
when you are done adjusting return to opacity to 100.
reduce el 85 by 20%, move down to the bottom edge of the tube, duplicate and change the blend to multiply
 Reduce el 62,54 by 20%
el 107 by 15%
el 34 by 30%
el 80 by 50%
 el 156 by 70%
 add your name in a linear gradient
 I used colors #400a15 and #120000
used ES chic 32 gradient as an outline
Add artist URL, CR  and your license number

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