Thursday, June 30, 2016

Exotic Intentions

Marian By Verymany
 found here
Cake By The Ocean by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here
Font Thai OneOn
 Mask WSL mask 59
Vanderlee Unplugged - Colors
Vanderlee Unplugged - Effects
 New canvas 650 by 650
Tube reduced by 55%
 Duplicate the tube and apply Unplugged colors to the top tube settings "Brighten dark" at default.
Change the blend to soft light then drop shadow the bottom tube 2,2,54 12 black and again -2,-2,4,12 black.
Reduce frame9 by 50% and frame10 by 60%
Click inside of frame 10, expand your selections by 3, add a new raster layer and copy /paste paper 42 into selections.
 Select frame 9 layer and using your magic wand select outside of the frame. this will select the entire canvas outside of the frame. Then click the paper layer and apply Unplugged -Colors- Lens reflection  at default and apply this about three times.
Now click inside of frame 9 and promote the paper layer . 
Apply Effects-3D Effects Cutout at these settings 7,5,70,5 black
Add frame 3 to the last layer and reduce by 50% move to the left matching the outer edge of the frames, then duplicate mirror and merge down
Add paper 13 and apply your mask move to the bottom layer.
Add elements to your liking
 Add your name sized 72 with a gold gradient. I used ES chic 15 found on deviantart by Elvensword angle 45 and 2 repeats. Convert to raster then duplicate apply texture effects emboss to the top text and change the blend to overlay.
 to add the name around the frame create a circle from your preset shapes do not convert once you made the circle close to the size of the curve of the frame. Add the text on the edge of the preset circle then type your name in size 20 white until you have wrapped it around the arc. Close the circle in the layer palette and then convert to raster , add a drop shadow and lower the opacity to 73
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Bubbles

Soap Bubble by Verymany found here
I Heart Summer by Pink Paradox Productions
Found here
Font Marguerite
mask WSL 241
drop shadow -2,-2,27,4 black
Perspective Shadow- Eye Candy 5 Impact
650 by 650 canvas
 Place el 25 on the canvas
Reduce your tube by 35%  move over the center of the Polaroid/picture portion of the element
and duplicate it.
Apply Eye Candy Impact- Perspective Shadow at these settings:
Reduce paper 25 by 35% and free rotate it 25 to the left place over the inner portion of the picture portions. lower the opacity to 38.
 Using your freehand selection tool setting "point to point" draw or trace the inner edge of the picture portion of the element and invert the selections when done.
 hit delete on the paper layer and erase the bottom portion of your tube layers
Reduce el 88 by 30% and place the bubble close to the tube
Reduce el 12 ,29 and 32 by 50% and place behind the picture element
 Reduce el 20 by 45% and free rotate 45 to the right
Reduce 16 and 6(mirrored) by 25%
Reduce el 93 by 25% and duplicate. flip one and place over the edged of the tag on the picture element.
lower the opacity to 44 and change the bled to multiply
Using the freehand selection tool select the inside of the tag, invert the selections and hit delete on the reduced flowers
Reduce 120 and 60 by 70%
 Reduce el 45 by 45%
el 89 by 95%
el81 by 50%(duplicate and place at the bottom edge of the grass above, repeat four times)
Add paper 11 and apply your mask.
Add your name and convert to raster  Then apply Inner bevel at default, the artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, June 24, 2016

Natural Wonder

Nancy By Verymany can be found here
Owl Be There By Pink Paradox Productions
 Can be found here

 mask set 110 mask 2  By Rachel can be downloaded here

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 40%
Reduce el 135,147 and 49 ( mirrored) by 50%
133,125,62 by 40%
115 and 5 by 30%
81 and 119 by 25%
116 by 20%
130, 81, 54 and 15 by 15%
31 and 101 by 12%
132 by 8%
14 and 10 by 6%
27 by 4%
add paper 39 and apply your mask, merge group,duplicate and change blend to the top masked paper to multiply then merge down
 Add your name and convert to raster, duplicate and apply EFFECTS- TEXTURE EFFECTS- STRAW WALL at default. On the bottom name apply INNER BEVEL at default then on the top name change then blend to overlay. Select all on the bottom name, invert selections and hit delete on the top name
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Waiting For MR. Right

Denise by Verymany found here
Matching kit by Pink Paradox Productions
Summer Daisy Found here

font- Goddess

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce the tube by 45%
Then reduce el 27 by 30 % and place under the tube layer under her buttocks
Mirror el 26 and reduce by 50%
Mirror el 21 and reduce by 25%.
 Reduce elements 5,25,and 28 the same size as the radio
Reduce el 22 by 10%,7 by  15% and 19 by  20%
Add paper 33 and reduce by 65%. move paper to the bottom edges match on the canvas and paper layer.
Freehand select the top portion of the paper and promote layer. Change the blend to multiply. Duplicate and merge down.
Add el 116 reduced by 45% to the left and el117 reduced by 35% to the right
Add el 44 reduce by 40% sort of on the road
Then right above the first tree layer place frame 7 reduced by 60%
Click inside the frame and expand your selections by 4.
 Promote the paper layer then close the original.
 Invert selections and delete the trees and car overhang.
Duplicate the frame and move the last layer.
 Apply Toadies- Blast em at default, duplicate and change the blend to multiply
add your name artist URL,CR and your license

Saturday, June 11, 2016

woodland bunny

 Bunny 3 by Verymany
 found here
Pink Paradox Productions - Wooland Breeze
 found here

Mask 84  found here by Mizteeque

Used Eye Candy Glass and Gradient glow

Open a new canvas 650 by 650
 Reduce your tube by 60%
Reduce frame2 by 55%
Click inside and expand your selections by 4, Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper3 into selections, Then hit EFFECTS-EDGE EFFECTS-ENHANCE.
DO NOT DESELECT- invert selections and erase the bottom half of your tube. Duplicate and move one above the frame and the other below it. Drop shadow the one below and erase the bottom portion on the one on top.
Reduce frame 10 by 45% and move to the top left, duplicate and move to the bottom right.
Reduce frame 1 the same percentage and move under the last frame to the bottom right
Reduce el 111 by 70 % flip and move to the bottom right, Duplicate flip and mirror
Reduce el 33 by 50% place to the top left then duplicate flip and mirror
Repeat with el 131
Reduce 102 and 99 by 50% place to the top left mirror el 99
 mirror el 108 reduce by 50% then place the the right
 mirror el 56 reduce by 45%, free rotate 10 to the left
 Reduce el 5 by 25% free rotate it 10 to the left and place on top of el 56
Add paper and apply  your mask. Merge group and using your pick tool setting on scale pull the nodes to expand the size.( I do this often with masks I use)
 Add your name in this color #2455d2
 Add Glass with these settings:
 gradient glow in white then  your artist URL, CR and your license number

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beach bound

Elaine by Verymany
found here
Ocean sunrise by Pink Paradox Production
found here

 Mask 40 found here
 Across the road font

 new Canvas
Tube reduced by 50% then apply Film & Filters effects vivid/warming level 10
 Frame 3 reduced by 45%
Click inside the frame expand by 20 , add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 28into selections
Duplicate the paper layer then change the blend to the top paper to multiply.
Reduce el 91 by 50% and place on top of the frame layer
 reduce el 32,49,60,81,82,84,86,96 and 100 by 15%
rotate el 82 40 to the right
el 86 20 to the left
el 84 and 32 40 to the left
el 49 15 to the left
Reduce el 76 and 89 by 20% then el 50 by 10%
reduce frame 10 by 65%
frame13 by 70% and rotate it 10 to the left
 Add paper 11 and apply your mask
 add your name in a linear gradient and apply a thick white gradient glow
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Quenched

 Cocktail by Verymany
 found here
Captivating Cocktail by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 font- Cake script

Eye Candy Mature- water drops
Xero-  bad dream

Open a new canvas
Frame 24 reduced by 65%
Tube reduced by 45%
 Apply Xero Bad dream at default and lower the strength to 18
add paper 9 and apply your mask
Reduce el 159 by 70% and apply noise at 100
Reduce the following elements
 20%- 3,56,57,64,122,123,
50%- 67,93,119,134,150
add your name artist URL, CR and your license number

Thursday, June 2, 2016


 Kamila by Verymany
 found here
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
Exotic Allure found here

Eye Candy 5 Impact- Extrude

fonts used
 fat font of choice

Reduce your tube by 45%
Type wording of choice in a fat font.
 I typed EXOTIC
Then I converted to raster,select all, defloat,reduced paper 34 by 35%,invert selections, duplicated paper to cover the wording then hit delete.
Merge the paper wording layers then select all again, defloat, modify, selections borders set to 2, add a new raster layer then copy/paste paper 46 into selections
on the original word apply Eye Candy Extrude and change the color to match the kit. i used a purple.
Add paper37  and apply TRESE MASK 97 MIRRORED
Add the tube closeup and apply the mask as well
Reduce the elements behind the lettering as follows:
170 by 50%
102by 45%
103 by 40%
143 by 35%
 164 by 28%
behind the tube
8 by 20%
3,30,11,145 by 25%
4,60 by 30%
in front of the lettering
 all flowers were reduced by 12% as well as the bottles
 the leaf by 20%
 add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number