Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Bubbles

Soap Bubble by Verymany found here
I Heart Summer by Pink Paradox Productions
Found here
Font Marguerite
mask WSL 241
drop shadow -2,-2,27,4 black
Perspective Shadow- Eye Candy 5 Impact
650 by 650 canvas
 Place el 25 on the canvas
Reduce your tube by 35%  move over the center of the Polaroid/picture portion of the element
and duplicate it.
Apply Eye Candy Impact- Perspective Shadow at these settings:
Reduce paper 25 by 35% and free rotate it 25 to the left place over the inner portion of the picture portions. lower the opacity to 38.
 Using your freehand selection tool setting "point to point" draw or trace the inner edge of the picture portion of the element and invert the selections when done.
 hit delete on the paper layer and erase the bottom portion of your tube layers
Reduce el 88 by 30% and place the bubble close to the tube
Reduce el 12 ,29 and 32 by 50% and place behind the picture element
 Reduce el 20 by 45% and free rotate 45 to the right
Reduce 16 and 6(mirrored) by 25%
Reduce el 93 by 25% and duplicate. flip one and place over the edged of the tag on the picture element.
lower the opacity to 44 and change the bled to multiply
Using the freehand selection tool select the inside of the tag, invert the selections and hit delete on the reduced flowers
Reduce 120 and 60 by 70%
 Reduce el 45 by 45%
el 89 by 95%
el81 by 50%(duplicate and place at the bottom edge of the grass above, repeat four times)
Add paper 11 and apply your mask.
Add your name and convert to raster  Then apply Inner bevel at default, the artist URL, CR and your license number

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