Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pirate Seducer

Julianne By Verymany
 found here
Captain's Beauty By Pink Paradox Productions
found here

font- Adefebia
 mask- WSL 218

LenK LandofWonders- Paris
Toadies -Blast em

Canvas-650 by 650
Tube-Reduced by 45% and Photo effects applied
Film&Filters Vivid
We gonna make a frame . Reduce el180 by 50%, then duplicate,mirror and merge down.
 Duplicate and flip, duplicate again and free rotate 90 to the right.
 Move to close the gaps, duplicate and mirror then merge them together.
 Click inside with your magic wand and expand the selections by 4.
 Add paper18 under it promote the paper layer.
Apply your mask on the bottom paper the promoted paper apply Paris at default(LenK filter)
Add your closeup tube and apply Radiance at default (Xero Filter)
Erase tube overhang and place el 205 reduced by 80% over the closeup layer
Duplicate the frame we made and apply Blast em( Toadies filter)
Reduce frame 23 by 45% and place to the top right, duplicate ,mirror and flip. merge them together then click inside and add paper 17 into the selections of a new raster layer
 Duplicate the frames  and mirror
place el 152 at the base of the canvas above the frame we made earlier
Reduce el 85 and 81 by 45%
el 88,89,90 by 30%
el 38 by 35%
174 by 25%
 add your name artist URL, CR and your license number

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