Saturday, July 23, 2016


Betty By Verymany
 found here
Vin Fantastique By Pink Paradox Productions
Found here

Font Mrs Saint Delafield
mask Trese 579

Canvas-650 by 650
 Tube reduced -50%
Frame 10 reduced -50%
Paper 46 apply mask
Elements on top of the frame:
el25 by 45%
el 17 by 25%
elements 94 and 95 by 20%

Elements behind the frame
elements 102 and 173 by 70%
el25 by 45%
elements 201 and 93 by 50%

 Free rotate elements 201 and  25 15 degrees to the left
Colorized element 93 by using ADJUST- Hue/Saturation- Hue/Saturation Lightness
Edit-Cyans and move hue to 180
Pace the tube or closeup on the left of the frame and change the blend to screen
Freehand select setting to point to point on the selection tool the left leaf, hit delete on the tube layer and promote the left layer then drop shadow.
 Freehand select the entire page including the leaves on the right then hit delete. you should have the face of the tube  on the page. then using the lighten darken brush darken the right edge of the tube  a bit to simulate the page bending
 Using ES 23 gradient (elvensword gradient from deviantart) with a repeat of 1 and angle set to 321 write your name, convert to raster. Duplicate apply Emboss , change the blend to overlay, merge down and drop shadow
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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