Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bathing Goddess

 Violet  by Verymany found here
Violet Goddess by Pink paradox Productions
 found here

Font quilted ZButterfly
 maks byRcahek mask set found here

Canvas 65 by 650
Tube- reduced by 70%
Reduce frame 11 by 70%
place el 56 behind the  butterfly
 reduce frame 27 by 65 and place behind the jewel
Repeat with frames 18. 20 amd 23
 reduce el 23 by 20 and place at the tips of th butterfly elemet and sharpen
 place el 90 and reduce by 85% twice
 then o n your tube layer usinf the free selection tool feathering set to 25 try and follow the shape of the rocks to make the tube appear she is in the water
place le 92 behind the pond and the88 element above the pond, reduce both by 50%
Reduce el 91 by 25% and place at the bottom edge
Reduce all jewelry and bottles  ranging from 20- 12%
Sparkles reduce by 50%
 add your name artist, URL, CR and your license number

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