Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gothic flowers

 Witch 2 by Verymany
 found here
Gothic Kisses by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

Canvas-650 by 650
Tube- Reduced by 45%
Duplicate the tube and apply a greyscale then change the blend to screen.
Place el 171 then using your magic wand with the feather setting to 25 select the element, add a new raster layer, copy paste paper 32 into selections .
Change the blend to overlay.
el 147 reduced by 25% and mirrored
el156 and 137 reduced by 15%
el143 reduced by 10%
el155,158(free rotate 90 degrees)  reduced by 50%
el157 reduced by 45%
el153 reduced 50%
 Place el 135 and erase the bottom of the vase
 add el 145 twice
 add your name in a thin font, CR,URL and your license number

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