Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Peony Dreams

 Peony By Verymany Found here

Lovely Daydream by Pink Paradox Productions
found here

 font- Zoa Elephantquese
mask- Mizteeques mask 144 found here

Canvas-650 by 650
 Add frame 1 and reduce by 65%
Then add frame 14 reduced by 50%
Working with dress layer one apply Adjust-Hue/Saturation- hue /Saturation/lightness:
Edit Reds ,Hue-26
then rotate the tube 90degrees and place between the frames layer.
Apply the hue to frame 16 reduced by 55% then again at 50%. Place around the outer edge of the smaller heart frame.
Freehand select the peony , chin and eyelash of the tube. Move above the frames layer.
 Build tag:
el 50 mirrored,reduced by 50 and rotated 20 deg
el 104,106 and 110 reduced by 40 then rotate the bundle 40 top the left
Rotate el 104 90 degrees
el135 reduced by 35% then duplicate and flip
el119 reduced by 50 the rotated 15 to the right
Mirror el50 and reduce by 15 percent
Add paper 28 and apply your mask. Merge group then duplicate the masked paper twice move one to the top left and the other bottom right
Add your name,artist URL,CR and your license

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