Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Heart and Mind

 Dark Angel By Verymany
found here
Heat Mind & Soul kit By Pink Paradox Productions
 Found here
Mask Mizteeque mask 141
Font- Mardian

Canvas-650 by 650
Reduce frame 7 by 60% and free rotate it 5 to the left
Add your tube behind it or close up tube. Erase the excess and apply Photo Effects-Film&Filters-Vivid twice.
Reduce el 88 by 50% and rotate it 85 degrees to the right
Place el 82 between the scroll and tube layers to the right.
Reduce el 4 by 60% and place to the right behind the scroll layer then select the two left butterflies, promote layer then move to the top layer above the frame
Mirror el 159 and reduce by 45%. Place to the top left
Reduce el 150 by 40% place to the left
Reduce el 149 by 50% flip and pace under the larger roses
 Duplicate and rotate 90 to the left. Place under the scroll layer to the top and bottom of the canvas
Reduce 155,185 and 116 by 50%
146 by 20 and 145 by 30%
 el 6 by 10% free rotate 10 to the left
 Reduce 188 by 40%
 Add paper 47 apply your mask
Add your name, artist URL and your license

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