Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Song for You

 Violinist by Verymany
 found here
Haunted Heart strings by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 mask by Mizteeque
font- Pantagraph script

 Canvas- 650 by 650
Reduce el 62 by 50% and place at the top left corner of your canvas, duplicate and change the blend to multiply.
Reduce el 59 by 70% and free rotate it 25 to the left.
Duplicate it and change the blend to multiply.
Reduce el 148 by 90% and place between the two elements
Reduce el 122,123,124 and 21 by 25%
Reduce el157,129 and frame 14 by 30%
Reduce 69,171 ,172 by 50%
 Tube reduced by 45%
Create a cluster using the roses and the green leaves.
Duplicate the 148 element and reduce by 50%.
place the mesh on the top left under all elements , again between the book and papers.
 Duplicate and free rotate it 90 to the right place twice on the bottom right. Place one more at the bottom and one at the side
 Add paper 15 and apply your mask.
Merge group and duplicate. Place one bottom right and the other top left.
 Add your name,artist URL, CR and your license number

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