Thursday, September 1, 2016

Those Eye 3 Piece Set

 Angel by Verymnay
 found here
Heavenly Fall by Pink Paradox Production
 found here

 font - buttermilk

 Large Tag
Canvas 650 by 650
Frame 11 reduced by 65%
Reduce elements 99 and 100 by 10% and alternate placing on to the frame
Click inside the holes of the frame and expand your selections by 2, add a raster layer flood fill in any color then apply Eye candy Chrome in liquid metal and enhance your edges by way of EFFECTS-EDGE EFFECTS.
Place your tube and mirror it.
Erase the bottom portion of the tube and some of the sides having the tube appears as if she is coming out of the frame.
Add el 177 reduced by 10% and place on the jewelry for a bit of shine.
Click inside the frame and expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 17 into selections.
Reduce el 78 by 50% and apply Mura Meister Copies - encircle
Repeat with el 108
 reduce el 166 by 50% and place around the canvas to act as a mask then merge them down.
Reduce el 138 by 50% and free rotate 90 to the left
 Place el27 reduced by 40% behind it
 Add the artist URL, CR and your licence number.
Add your name

Merge your large tag and copy to a new canvas sized 250 by 250
 Paste the merge tag and reduce by 38%
 Copy your name form the large tag and place on the bottom
 add your License number and CR

Forum tag
Copy the merged large tag again and reduce by 50% to a canvas sized 600 by 320
place el 138 and reduce by 50%,place to one side then duplicate,mirror and flip
Reduce el 119 by 50% and free rotate it 90 to the left, duplicate mirror and flip
Repeat with el 123 and 126
 reduce el 154 by 40% and free rotate it 85 to the right
 reduce el 135 by 40% ,flip and  free rotate it 90 to the left 
Reduce el 113 by 10% place to the top left and bottom right
Repeat with el 143 
 Reduce el 74 by 45% and place on each side towards the top to cover the water spout , reduce el 132 by 50% on the right and el98 on the left, duplicate both, mirror and flip
 Add your name artist URL,CR and your license number

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