Monday, October 31, 2016

World Traveler

 Cute Photographer 2 found here
Autumn Journey by Pink Paradox Productions
found here

font and mask of choice

canvas 650 by 650
tube reduced by 45%

(because my computer updated without warning I have estimations of the reduction of the elements)
Elements rotate 15 to the left
53,56,62 and 71
elements 44, 45,53,84, 85, frame 15, 150,151 reduced by 50%
elements 129, 86 reduced by 30%
 elements frame 3 and 60 reduced by 40%
elements 71 and 62 by 15%
elements 63 and 129 by 25%
Use paper 38 as the frame background for the top and bottom frames
the center frame i used paper5, duplicate and change the blend to multiply, add the tube again mirrored and placed twice on the background. Change the blend to the tube to overlay.
 add paper 28 and apply your mask
 add your name, artist URl , CR and your license number

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