Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle By Verymany found here
Christmas Cradle By Pink Paradox Productions Found here

 Font- House Holiday
 Mask WSL-167

Canvas 650-650
 Tube-Reduced by 75% twice
Reduce el30 by 50%
 Place the tube again,mirror and add over the card element , change the blend to soft light, invert selections of the element and hit delete on the tube layer.
 Erase the tube portions covering the red portion of the element.
 Behind the card element Reduce and place to the right el34 by 50% and rotated 10 to the right.
Add el 33 and erase the horn ends ,place to the left
Reduce el89 and 94 50%. Rotate el 89 110 to the right and 94 90 to the left.
 Mirror el 84 and reduce by 45%
Add el 48 and erase the top portion of the lantern. All I want showing is the foliage.
Mirror and flip el78, reduce by 40% and place under the tube layer.
Reduce el 62 by 45% and place above the ribbon layer
Add flowers- Reduce el80 by 30%, el83 by 8% and el84 by 25%
El110 by 75% twice and el113 by 50%
 Add paper 7 mirrored and reduced by 65% then apply your mask.
 Merge group duplicate and reduce by 50% place to the top left, use you pick tool to expand the size of the larger mask to fill the canvas.
 Add your name,convert to raster copy/paste paper21 into selection , apply noise at 100 and a thick white gradient glow.
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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