Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter Heart

 heart shaped candy by Verymany found here
Heart candy Winter By Pink Paradox Productions found here

Reduce both tube and frame by 65%
Reduce el 43 by 25% and apply Mura Miester Copies encircle
click inside the frame , expand the selections by 2, copy/paste the paper29 into selections then mirror while selected
Reduce el 111 by 50%
 Reduce el121 by 25% and flip. Place on the arch of the heart frame, duplicate and mirror
Reduce el 103 by 45% the rotate 90 to the left
Reduce el 53 by 45% rotate 90 to the right
Reduce el 83 by 30%, 54 by 25% and 87 by 50%
 Reduce el 107 by 40% and rotate 90 to the right, duplicate mirror and rotate down to the left . reduce by 85% once again
 Add paper of choice and apply mask of choice. 
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