Thursday, September 21, 2017


 Bride 2 by Verymany 
One day sale found here

Kit Pink Paradox Productions
Unique Fall Bride found here

Font Wedding Bliss
 Mask MIZ mask 133

 Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 35%
30%-78, 42, 10
 Add paper 27 and apply your mask

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Majestic Deer

Deer by Verymany found here
Naturally Quiet by Pink Paradox Productions found here
Font Spiralax
Mask by Rachel found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 35%
Make an oval using the pre- set tool
Copy and paste the paper of choice into selections
 Duplicate it on the bottom image select all, modify, selection borders 4 then apply Eye Candy Impact 5 glass with the outside selection checked. Adjust the width so it wont be at the edge of the canvas.
On the top image duplicate it twice. On the top apply  3d effects -cutout: settings -1,-6,70,11.59
 the next image 1,6 70, 11.59 merge them and duplicate to darken.
Make your clusters,:
Butterfly reduced by 15%
Bird and dragonflies by 20%
 flowers and leaves 25%
 branch by 45%
leaf frame by 65%
Add paper of choice and apply your mask.
All items were treated with  Photo effects vivid twice
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Friday, September 15, 2017


 Cardinal by Kajenna found here
FTU supplies:
Template- Elegant Inspirations template 209 found here
Mask- Rachel Aug 2017 mask 2 found here
Scrapkit- Autumn's embrace by Mizteeque found here
Font- Slopes found here

 Open the template ,crop and reduce it to 700 pixels on it's longest side
Reduce the tube by 35% 
Close the CR layer on the template.
 We are going to copy and paste papers into the layers, replace some with elements and color the rest.
Color Pick the brown from your tube and using your color changing tool flood fill all the brown layers with the new brown color.
Add noise to the arrow layers when done.
 Add el 41 and reduce to fit the circumference of cream circle 2. i think i reduced it about 45 - 50%
Delete brown dotted 5 and cream circle 2
Copy paper 8 and paste into selections of all of the blue layers of the template
 Flood fill white dotted 12 in a red from the tube
Copy paper 11 and place in all the green layers of the template
 Flood fill white dotted 10 in the yellow from the tube( mine came of a little green, not sure why but it works for me )
 Add paper 7 to all the cream colored layers
 Over cream circle 1 place the tube and change the blend to hard light. lower the opacity to 50
Reduce el 39 to fit over brown squares 2 layer. I reduced it about 30%
 Time to add some elements to the tag.
Reduce el52 by 30%
 26 by 50%
 32 by 40%
 31 and 12 by 25%
29 by 15
36 by 65% then apply Mura Meister copies -encircle move to the last layer
Add el2 and reduce by 65%, Add noise and move to the last layer
 Add paper 10 and reduce by 65% apply your mask.
 Drop shadow elements and tube, all dotted layers and the last layer of the different shapes of the template.
 To make the forum tag below I hit Shift D to copy the entire 
On one copy i reduced the main tube by 65% and moved him over the center rectangle..
Closed off all the circle layers, arrows and corresponding dotted layers. Merged the square layers,selected one of then promoted the layer and deleted on the original. then i  moved it down.
 All elements I reduced by 80 and adjusted.  Reduce the merged mask by 65% and place it to the left, duplicate mirror and flip.
Then cropped my tag
To make the Avatar tag below I hit Shift D to copy the  forum entire 
 Closed all layers except the center rectangle ones and the tube of course.
 Merge All Tags and  apply Photo effects vivid.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Panda by Kajenna found here

Filters and plugins:
Mura Meister Copies
 Toadies- Blast em
Eye Candy -Perspective Shadow
VM Distortion- Mosaic Ripple
Filters Unlimited 2- Round edges

 Canvas 700 by 700
Tube reduced by 35%
Draw a circle using your preset shapes tool with a 2 pixel outline and center null.
Flood Fill with a gold gradient and apply an inner bevel.
Duplicate the tube and apply Mura Mesiter Copies Wallpaper Perspective at default
Duplicate this layer and on the top layer apply  VM Distortion- Mosaic Ripple- size 22 amount 176.
Enhance edges  then click the circle, expand your selections by 2, invert selections and hit delete on the layer with the mosaic distortion.
Apply Edges Round #4. Duplicate this layer then apply Toadies blast em
 On your main tube-
 Apply Perspective shadow- I used Eye Candy 5 Impact- settings:
Drop shadow low
Duplicate your gold circle and apply the perspective shadow.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Echoes Of Fall

 Virginia by Verymany  found here
 Oscar by Verymany found here
 Fall beauty's Echo by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Font - Zentiges
 Mask- Gemsmask 200

 Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 65%
dog tube-30%
Frame 4 - 65%
Add paper16 into selections of the inside of the frame then enhance edges
Reduce the tree by 50% and place behind the frame layer
Make a small cluster on top of the right upper part of the frame:
Reduce the flowers by 25%
the peacock feather by 30%
butterfly by 15%
 and rotate el 57 90 to the right and reduce by 30%
 Reduce the pumpkins by 35%
 the vines by 65%
 Add paper 11 and apply your mask
 Apply Photo effects to both tubes in the setting vivid at default
 Add your name, artist URL, CR an your license  number

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Winded Rose

Windy Weather by Verymany found here
Sweetie by Verymany found here
Delicate Autumn By pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 Font- Zither Script
Mura Meister Copies
CEA Preset shape #24
Blog post is here
scroll all the way down to download the 180 shapes
dll is here

Canvas 700 x 700
Tube 50%
Cat tube by 25%
Using preset shape CEA #24 make a slanted rectangle and convert into raster.
 Duplicate and mirror ,move up to the top edge of the first shape, duplicate the fir shape and move above the mirrored one. Merge them all down and copy/paste paper into selection.
Duplicate this layer three times. On the top duplicate apply 3d effects cutout
1,6,70,11.59 black. The next duplicate add cutout at 1,-6,70,11.59 black
Then the next apply an inner bevel and the last apply your drop shadow
plae el 93 and free rotate it 30 degrees to the right. move to match the angled edges of your shape. erase any part hanging pass the shapes edges. Place this element around the edges of the shape until filled.
Reduce el 74 by 30% and place by the cat, duplicate and rotate 30 degrees to the right and place around the shape to fill in any gaps.
Reduce el 85 and 94 by 15% and place around to decorate. Add el 122 reduced by 25% behind the large rose.
Reduce the tree by 50% and the rock by 25%.
 Add a butterfly and reduce by 20% and apply Mura Meister copies.
Using the setting-preset menu seamless:
Add el 67 mirrored to the right, duplicate flip and mirror back to the left
 Add your name and apply an inner bevel
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

General Store

Mini Pig by Verymany found here
Pink Paradox Productions Kit  Simple Autumn found here
Fonts Kristen for the  sign
pancake slims for the name

Mask set 155 mask 4 by Rachel found here
 Canvas 700 by 700
25%-35,46(erase bottom half of sign),48
 Add paper 6 and apply your mask
Add the tube above the paper layer, mirror and reduce by 50%.
Change blend to soft light
Using the Kirsten font  type"Store"convert to raster then apply 3d effects cutout
Add the tube again reduced by 30 then 50%
Change the blend to Luminance
Add your name artist URL, CR and your license number

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bear In Fall

 Black bear By Kajenna found here
 FTU kit by Graphics of Fantasy found here

VM Natural Sparkle

Font Tycho Elegy

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 50%
paw 35%

Make a circle and copy paste desired paper into selection
 Then mirror your tube erase the tube leaving the head outside of the circle.
Place the paw from the tube and copy/paste paper of choice into selections of the paw.
Reduce el 25 by 70% place it in the center to the right of the circle, then duplicate it and flip, move to the top, duplicate flip and mirror place to the bottom.
 Place el 80 to the right and 66 to the bottom and the top of the canvas
place el 59 mirrored in the center towards the right
Reduce el37 reduced by 50% to the top left.
 Duplicate, flip place to the bottom, duplicate mirror and bring back to the second duplicate to fill the space
Reduce flowers by 40% - elements 14 ans 43
 el13 by 45%
Drop shadow all elements.
Close the bear, paw, circle and background layers.
 Merge visible then copy the merged foliage.
unmerge open all the layers we closed then paste the merged copy as the last layer and apply Ommadawn filter. Mirror and apply VM Natural sparkle setting to 21
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number


 Autumn Abundance by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Karen by Verymany Found here

 Font- wankstaberg battles
 Canvas size 700 by 700

Tube reduced by 45%
Frame 11-35%
Place paper 11 inside the frame, duplicate and change the blend to multiply. do this twice to get the hue seen in the tag
 Place el 188 behind the frame background and erase the trunk
 Reduce le 186 by 35% and place to the left
169-30% the rotate 20 to the left, duplicate mirror and flip
169 70 %,duplicate then rotate 90 to the right
166-40%, duplicate,mirror and flip
164-50% duplicate- blend- multiply
162 -25%
all flowers reduced by 25%
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cemetery walk

Vampire 4 by Verymany found here
Cemetery Masquerade by Pink Paradox Productions found here

Mask and font of choice

Canvas 700 by 700
Started off making a cluster then went into something bigger...
So let's start where I did.
Reduce the frame 4 by 35%
Duplicate and rotate one 10 degrees to the right and the other 5 to the left
Place the tube under the frame with the makeup and fangs , erase the excess pass the outer edges of the frame then duplicate the tube. Apply XERO -GREYSCALER and change then blend to overlay.
Freehand select the portion on the right side of the tube's face.
 Add a new raster layer then copy paste paper 8 into selections and lower the opacity to 55
Place the tube under the other frame but this time add the blood drips .Erase the tube to fit the inside of the frame then duplicate it. Change the blend to the top tube to overlay. Then add a new raster layer between the tubes. Copy/paste paper 6 into selections and change the blend to hard light
 Darken both frames by duplicating them and changing the blend to multiply.
 Make a flower cluster above the frames layers.
 Reduce the items as follows:
el 60, 110 by 50%
el 104 ,102 by 30%
el 100 by  25%
el 95,87 by 20%
 el 89 ,95,15 by 15%
el 88 by 12%
We could stop the tag here and then add a mask, but why do that ?
Reduce the trees by 45%
The house and moon by 50%
Cemetery by 80%
 Tube by 45%
Add the gravestone and angel statue. Reduce to your liking.
 Add el 82 to fill the walkway and duplicate the grass to fill the tag.
Add paper 1 and apply your mask
 Add the artist URL,CR you name, and license number

Friday, August 18, 2017

Ash's Halloween

Ash by Kajenna
 Found here

Template 10  found here
 textures 9 & 12 found here
Mask 254 found here
Font- Chiller

Some artist from PFD include backgrounds and accessories with the tube on separate layers.
 This tutorial is making use of that and some freebies along the way.
 This can be done with any tube that has a background.
Kajenna is one of the artist that includes sprays and shadows for you to use.

Add the background to the template layer Raster 3. 
Select all,copy/paste into selections then apply Photo effects -vivid.
Copy and paste GH-Texture 12 into the oval layer and apply the Photo effects -vivid.
Apply Kang3- Katscradle to both black circles
Add the Cat tube over brown circle1 and 2
Add the tube again but this time-
 Merge the cat, hat,pumpkins and shadow.Copy and paste then reduce by 45%.
 Apply Photo effects -vivid.
Color pick the orange from the pumpkin ,using the color changer tool fill frame 1 and 2
 Place the pumpkins over pink circle 1 and 2.
Color the white circles the same yellow from the inside of the enhanced merged pumpkins with the cat tube.
Add Texture 9 to the brown squares and Photo effects -vivid.
 Add Texture 12 to the Large center circle and enhance edges.
Color pick the olive green from the background and flood fill the center cirle
Flood fill the white center circle in a brass gradient
 Place the spray from the tube over the center brown circle
Place the branches from the tube twice. One reduce by 35% and move to the right .
 The other arrange the lantern behind the tube and erase everything else.
 Add a new raster layer flood fill with a gradient choosing colors from the tube and apply your mask
 Add the artist URL, CR you name and license.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Past Is never dead

  Crow By Verymany found here

Mournful Echo Kit by Pink Paradox Productions found here

Font- Sanctuary playground
 mask- WSL302

Canvas-700 by 700
Tube- 50% ( I add the tube first)
 i started off with el 68 reduced by 70% Then adding el 64(reduced by 50%) and rotate it 10 to the left.
 Add el 102, 75 reduced by 70% and apply Xero-Greyscaler
Reduce el 5 by 30% and apply Greyscaler once more. Place el 4 reduced by 15% in the socket and erase the butt and tail
Place el 97 reduced by 35% to the right
 Then arrange the flowers and reduce as follows:
 Place the candle int front of the lantern and using the eraser tool set to 2 pixels erase where the candle is covering the edge of the pane.
Add paper 12 and apply your mask
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Monday, August 14, 2017

Halloween House

Halloween House By Kajenna Found here
 FTU kit- found here
 Mask Found here
Font found here

 Canvas 700 by 700
Tube reduced by 45% and filter applied-Photo effects-night effects at default
The witch hat from the tube reduced by 45% and color changer tool applied to the orange stripes . I color picked the color from the kit. I used this color #9ea3ba
Reduce the following elements:
Place  el 51 behind the tube
Reduce el 5 by 80%, click inside the coffin with yur selection tool and expand your selections by 2.
 Copy and paste paper 10 into selections and move it below the element. Duplicate it and apply 3dEffects -Cutout 1,6,70,11.59 black and place above the coffin layer
Place el 28 above the house layer to the right
Place 36 and 26 behind the house on the left
Reduce el 19 by 50% and rotated 10 to the left
Reduce el30 by 45, el 11 by 35 and el13 by 50%
 Place el 37 above the house layer on the left
 on the right add the ghost and lower opacity to 69
 Place the vampire and the shoe to the right
 Reduce el 20 by 50% and rotate 90 to the left
 Reduce the vine by 50% and place at the bottom edge of the tag
 Add the fog again on the right 
Place el 34 and rotate it 10 to the right
 Place the paper behind the house and apply your mask. merge groups and mirror
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Witchy Witch

 Midnight Poison by Pink paradox Productions found here
 Witch 5 by Verymany Found here
Font- Areson
Mask #6 found here 

Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 50%
EL85- 50% and rotate 120 to the left
El 74 rotate 120 to the left
 to colorize some green items to match the tube i color picked the green from the tube's leaves and used the color changer tool... Color I used  #5b9903
Paper21 reduced by 50% place under the grate elelment
Add paper 21then apply mask
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, August 11, 2017


Pineapple by Verymany found here

Tropical Gypsy by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Font- Acroterion

Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 50%
Make a rectangle and paste paper 37 into selections
Add tube closeup mirrored and change the blend to overlay
Duplicate the rectangle and rotate it 25 to the left. Repeat placing the closeup tube and blend.
Reduce frame 5 by 50% and place between the rectangles ,move one to the left and the other to the right.
Above these frames create a thinner rectangle to the left of the first one. Add paper 33,activate the rectangle, invert selections and hit delete.
Right above this layer create a square and rotate it 15 to the left. Copy paste paper18 into selections.
Create another square and copy/paste paper 34 into selections
Rotate el 128 90 to the left and reduce by 50%.
Duplicate it and rotate 25 to the left. erase the right portion of the element
 Reduce 90 by 25%
102 ,108 (rotate 90 to the left)by 50%
 Duplicate the flower cluster twice. flip one  and place under the tube layer, move the other above the tube layer.
Reduce el 76 by 50% and place under the tube layer to the left, duplicate and flip move back down and to the right.
Reduce el117 by 45% place to the left
Duplicate el 90 flip and move to the bottom right
 Reduce el74 by 50% and move above el 76 to cover the building
Drop shadow used 2,2,60,15 black
To darken elements I applied Photo effects vivd
To darken tube I duplicated it and change the blend to multiply and opacity to 61%
 Add your name , artist URL, CR and your license number

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ruth's Vision

 Ruth by Verymany found here
Kit Pink Paradox Productions 
Lady Day Cafe found here

 font Bumble Bees

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 45%
 Frame 7 50%
 Paper 42  used inside the frame
el 154,142,135,109 by 50%
120 by 30%
136 by 25%
137 by 30%
115,118.125 by 15%
8,126 by 12%
 Add your name , artist URL, CR and license number

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Fox by Verymany found here
Foxfire Afternoon by Pink Paradox Production
found here

Font- smoothis shoppe
Mask WSL 154

Canvas-700 by 700
 Tube 50%
Frame 11 -50%
Make two circles and place one to the top left and the other to the bottom right
Merge them together and copy/paste paper 12 into selections.
 Expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 14 into selections
Repeat with paper 11 inside the frame
Use the same paper for your mask layer
Reduce 93 and 75 by 45%
el 68 by 40%, duplicate ,mirror and flip
el 79,63,65 by 30%
el 90,77,76 by 25%
place el 94
 add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number