Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Heart Pillows

 Heart By Verymany found here
Heart &Snow by Pink Paradox Productions
 Found here

Template 54 by Rachel found here
 Font- Got that bling NF

Eye Candy 5 Impact- perspective shadow
Xero Greyscaler
Eye Candy Gradient glow
Mura Meister copies Encircle

Open the template and hit shift D at the same time to copy. Delete original and crop the copy to bring the lateral side closer to the template edges. then select all and resize the entire tag to 650 pixels width, then resize the canvas 650 by 650.
Delete the Cr layer and start copy and pasting the papers into the layers.
 I used papers 11,16,17,18,20,23,24. I color picked the red from the tube's pillow and used the color changer tool to adjust the color red.
Add your tube and reduce by 55%, duplicate it and apply Xero greyscaler to the top tube,change the blend to soft light and apply Gaussian blur at 3
At the bottom tube apply perspective shadow to your liking
Reduce el 97 by 25% free rotate it 20 to the right change the blend to multiply and erase the bit that is covering the hand of the tube
 Add the tube again and rotate it 90 to the right. place over layer10 change blend to screen and opacity to 60. Select all on layer ten invert selections and hit delete on the tube layer, invert selections again, modify, selection borders set to 2 , apply Noise at 100 and drop shadow. Repeat with layer 11.
On Layer 1 and 2 Repeat the adding of noise as we did with layers 10 and 11.
 on layers 7 and 8 instead of adding noise apply inner bevel.
Reduce el 98 by 25% and apply Brightness/contrast 255/100 and change the blend to soft light
 Add el71 above layer 4 duplicate reduce by 25% and apply Mura Miester copies-encircle,duplicate free rotate 25 to left merge down and place under both layers 4 and 3.
 Reduce layers 4 and 3 by 90 and move back into the center of the encircled flowers layers.
Reduce el 99 by 25% and apply inner bevel
Add elements and reduce them by 25% and 30%
 I used-46,42,33,23,20,18,11,10,9,5
 Add your name and a thick gradient glow
Add the artist URL, CR and your license
 Thanks for looking

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