Tuesday, February 21, 2017


 Spring by Kajenna Found here
 FTU items used
Kit- Sweet as honey creations  found here
Mask- 215 by Lori found here
Template- Toxic Desires template 1 found here
Texture 036 found here
Font-brannboll found here

Eye Candy Gradient Glow

 Open the template and delete the credits and raster layers 4,9,19,11,12,13
Reduce the entire template by 650 on it's longest side then increase the canvas to 650 by 650
On the rectangular raster layers merge the original with the copies. For example raster layer 7 and copy of raster layer 7 are to merged in one layer. repeat with the rest of the layers . once done pick papers you desire to paste into  the raster layers we just merged.
I used the following:
paper 8 in raster layer 8
paper 7  in raster layer 7
paper 2 in raster layer 6(duplicate the paper once added in the layer and change the blend to multiply to darken)
paper4 in raster layer 5(duplicate the paper once added in the layer and change the blend to overlay to darken)
Raster layer 2 add paper 3, duplicate and change the blend to multiply
Raster layer 3 add your texture into selections and apply EFFECTS-PHOTO EFFECTS-FILM& FILTERS: SETTING TO VIVID
Grab your close up tube and add above the texture layer then change the blend to overlay. Using the same tube as me ? Reduce the tube by 50%
 Add paper 1 and apply your mask
 Add the tube again but reduce by 45% and apply VIVID again as we did with the texture.
 Let's add some elements!
Place frame 3 above the masked layer
place goodies 1 under raster layer 3
 Rotate doodle2 90 to the right and place behind the tube layer
place banner 1 at the base of the canvas
Reduce pot of gold, doodle1 balloon2,,goodies2, coins and horseshoe by 50%
 Rainbow by 80%
Add sparkles1 and confett1
 Add your name in a color from the kit.
 I used #2eb207
 then apply your gradient glow

 Drop Shadow settings for the name

Add your artist URL, CR and your license number

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