Monday, February 13, 2017

Sparkle Fairy

 Angel 3 by by Verymany found here
Fairy Godmother by Pink Paradox Productions found here

Xenofex 2 Constellations( use any plugin or filter that gives you sparkles)

 Font- XyloScript

Canvas-650 by 650
 Tube reduced by 50%,duplicate and apply Xero Greyscaler to the top tube,Gaussian blur at 3 then  Blend to screen and opacity to 73
Reduce frame 12 by 50% place to the right of the tube, click inside of the frame, expand the selections by 2, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 17 into selections,do not deselect then flip
Reduce frame 3 by 25% and place to the left of the canvas, duplicate and mirror, duplicate the original move down to the right a bit. Enhance edges for all frames, click inside the first tow frames, expand the selections by 2 and copy/paste paper 29 into selections
Reduce el 43 by 50% place it along side the larger frame behind the two little frames on the left , duplicate and rotate 90 to the right. move this one above the tube layers and at the edge of the canvas. erase the bottom of the tube pass the bottom edge of the element.
Reduce el 100 by 50% and place to the right, duplicate and move to the left. Move them as the mask for the tag.
Arrange the flowers from top left to bottom right wit the feather elements behind the tube layer
Reduced el 82,89,90 by 25%
el 27,106,120 by 50%
el41 rotate 90 to the right and reduce by 40%
 el 85 reduced by 25% then 80%
el 79 by 15%
 el 80 by 20%
 el 39 by 45% and flipped
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