Saturday, March 4, 2017


 Roxie by Verymany found here
Kit by Pink Paradox Productions
 found here

 Mask-gems mask 202
 Font-3 prong tree

 Xenofex 2 Stain and Cracks
Gradient Glow

Canvas 650 by 650
tube -45% reduction
Fame 3 50% reduction
Click inside of the frame and expand your selections by 2
 Add a new raster layer and copy paste paper 4 into selections
Reduce frame 2 by 40% and duplicate. Move one to the left the other to the right.  
Merge them down then apply Xenofex2 cracks
Add paper1, apply vivid filter via photo effects-film and filters and apply your mask
Reduce the following element:
el 42 by 8%( rotate 25 to the right), el 45
el 14 by 10%( colorize to the color red)
el 41,54 by 12%
el 21,56 by 15%
el168 by 20%
el 88,97,103(apply Xenofex stain) by 25%
el 87 by 35%( apply xenofex stain)
el55 ,el 86(apply xenofex stain setting at oil stain )by 40%
171 and `161 by 50% rotate 90 degrees
el107 by 75%
 Add your name in a grey gradient, sharpen then apply noise and drop shadow heavy
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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