Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SuperDuper Star

Delia by Verymnay Found here
 BadGirl Glamour by Pink Paradox Productions found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube reduced by45% and Vivid filter applied via Film& filters- Photo Filters
Reduce frame 20 by 45% rotate 25 to the left
Click inside frame 20,expand selections by 2,add a new raster layer,copy/paste paper 39 into selections. 
Mirror your closeup tube and place to the left under the frame, change the blend to overlay,invert selection of the paper layer and hit delete on the tube layer
Reduce el 104 by 50% and place to the right. Dupe the tube and reduce again by 50%. Place duplicated tubes over the film windows, change the blend to overlay and erase the excess for each panel.
 Add el 193, reduce to fit the canvas. Erase the right portion of the element then expand the selections by 1, add a new raster layer and flood fill with a color from the kit. Add some noise and drop shadow.
Reduce 116 and 118 by 50%
 el84 by 25%
el 113 by 40%
el 107 and 140 by 35%
 el 54 by 15% and rotate 25 to the right. place the tube over it rotate by 25 degrees and reduce by 25%.Lower the opacity to 25 and erase the excess
add el 188 as your mask and reduce by 45% or fit the canvas
 add your name, artist CR, URL and your license number.

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