Friday, May 19, 2017

Fredericka's Song

 Frederica by Verymany 
found here
Swan Song By Pink Paradox Productions found here

Font Buttermilk
mask by Rachel found here
 mask set  156 mask4

Canvas 650 by 650
Tube 45% reduction then apply Xero Greyscaler at default and lastly apply Film & Filters- Photo effects- vivid
Reduce el 76 by 45% and rotate it 15 to the left place behind the tube
Reduce el 83 by 25% and rotate 25 to the left and place behind the tube
Apply Greyscaler then duplicate the element and change the blend to multiply. Repeat until the element is darken then apply Edge effect enhance edges.
Reduce el 177 by35% then place again and reduce by 25%
Apply greyscaler to both but darken the smaller bunch the same we we darkened the paper
Reduce el 204 by 50% and place to the top right and bottom left
Place el 188 and reduce el 82 by 50%
Reduce el 144 by 65% and place above the tube layer , duplicate and rotate it 25 to the left and place it under the ivy layer
Add el 65 twice once reduced at 15% and the other at 25%
Reduce the rest of the elements as follows
el 88 45% the rest of the flowers at 25%
 Add your name and apply Eye Candy Glass at default
 Add a silver outline and then add some noise
Add paper 19 , reduce by 65% then apply your mask
 Add the artist URL, CR  and your license number

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