Friday, June 23, 2017

Coconuts for Summer

Coconut by Verymany found here
Beach Cotton Candy found here
Font of Choice

Xenofex2 Constellations
Greg's Factory  Output- Pool Shadow
Eye Candy 5 Impact- Perspective Shadow

 Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 45%
Create slats using the pre -set shapes with rounded edges( just pull the nodes on the corners and it will round them out)
Merge them down then copy/paste paper13 into selections
Apply Eye Candy 5 Impact- Perspective Shadow -Reflex in front above and close
 (optional-Apply Greg's Factory  Output- Pool Shadow to your liking)
Then Select the reflection promote layer and delete the one attached to the original slats.
Using your freehand selection tool set the feather to 20 create a wavy edge to eliminate the sharp edges on the bottom and sides of the reflection.
Then Apply Xenofex2 Constellations
Elements set behind the slats layer was reduced at 45%- 124,123,114,112, 110,109,108,105,99
Place your tube again over the slats layer and duplicate. Mirror the duplicate and reduce by 70%.
 Position as you please over the slats. Change the blend to the duplicate to soft light and the original to overlay. Select the slats layer,invert selections and hit delete on the tube layers.
Reduce the elements in from of the slats layer as follows:
65.59 -45%
118,120,122 by 50%
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Little Bit Of UK

 Hercules by Verymany found here
 My Country By Verymany found here
 London Detective by Pink Paradox Production found here
Quick street font
Mask set 66 mask 2 by Rachel found here

 Canvas 700 by 700
My country tube reduced by 65%
Hercules Reduced by 35%
 Duplicate both tubes and change the blend mode to the top tubes to hard light.
Rotate el55 90 to the left and reduce by 65%
 Reduce el 57 by 45% and rotate 15 to the right
Reduce el 146 by 45% and 148 by 75% place to the left
Reduce elements 11,51,62 ,132by 20%
25,60 by 15%
24,49,126,128 by 25%
125 by 35%
133 ,138by 40%
141 by 50%
123 by 80%
 add paper 7 and apply your mask
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 Two Koalas by Kajenna Found here
FTU items:
Template found here
Scrapkit country summer found here
Texture Large green one used from  here
Mask 80 found here
Font- summer fling found here

 Open the template and delete the CR layer
 Reduce the tube by 25%
Select the pink oval layer and copy the green texture. Paste into selections of the oval.
 Repeat with the orange oval layer and mirror the texture.
Add paper 6 as the last layer of the canvas and apply your mask.
 Then add the same paper into the selections of layer"white oval border"
Add paper3 to yellow circle 1 and 2
as well as paper 15 in to pink circle 1 &2
paper14 into yellow shape
 Reduce el 31 by 70% and place behind the yellow shape layer along with el 23.
 Duplicate the flowers and place one to the bottom right,one to the top and rotate a third one 90 to the left.
 Add elements 11,20,28,30
Add your name in a linear gradient and a gradient glow
Place the artist URL, CR and your license number

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vision Of Fantasy

Justine By Verymany found here
 Exotic Fantasy by Pink Paradox Production found here

 Tube - 55% reduction
Reduce el 46 by 20% and 45 by 15% place both by the foot of the tube.
 Place el 48 behind the tube and elements. erase the lantern part and left the cluster of items as is.
 Add el85 the the unsightly edge we created on the right side of the tube by erasing the lantern and rotate it 25 degrees to the right.
 Duplicate it and mirror
Reduce 53 a142 by 50% and rotate both 25 to the left
 Reduce frame by 45% and place paper 1 into selections of the center of the frame. Add some noise to the frame
 Reduce el 136 by 25% and place on the left side of the frame.
Place el 84, duplicate and change the blend to multiply. Merge it down then move up as seen in the tag above. Erase the top half of the element. duplicate and flip
 Place el 143 reduced by 80% above the flipped element and erase the bottom from showing.
Add el135 to the left and erase the right side
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Enchantments of the Sea

Seashell by Verymany found here
 Sea of Enchantment by Pink Paradox productions found here

 font- Saturday Like Madness
 mask 167 by Mizteeque found here
 Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube -reduced by 45% and mirrored
Reduce el 91 by 45% and place under the tube layer
 Build the elements on the left side of the canvas
 Reduce el 65 by 30% and place at the curve of the rock on th bottom left
Place el 25 reduced at 30% under it.
And el 26 reduced the same size under el 25
Reduce el 163 by 70% place it under the clusters
mirror el 152 and reduce by 25% place on the top , duplicate flip and place at the bottom.
Reduce frame 5 by 20% and rotate it 15 to the right. Add paper 21 as it's background
 Reduce the bow by 20% then add el151 reduced by 65%. Place this twice to fill the canvas
 Add paper27 and the closeup tube. Change the blend to soft light merge with the paper and apply your mask.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Owl's home

Owl by Verymany found here
Owl Be There  kit By Pink Paradox Productions found here
Mask 40 by Mizteeque found here

Canvas 700 by 700
what we are going to do is create a scene then pick some elements to hide merge the scene and apply our mask.
Sample of the scene is shown below
 Elements used and reduced as follows
Place el 76 under the tube layer by his claws, duplicate and change the blend to the top element to multiply.
Reduce el 53 by 70% and place at the curve of the branch.
place el 134 behind them and arrange 
Decorate the tree  with el 11 reduced by 25% and blended via exclusion
and el 10 reduced by 10%
Both trees were reduced by 50%
mushroom and owls by 25%
 place el77 and 119 at the base
Add paper 21 and adjust to the size of the canvas.
 Drop shadow all elements then close the nest branch and tube.
 merge visible and apply your mask. merge group, duplicate the group to darken
 open the close layers and add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number.

Steampunk Fan

 Steampunk 8 by Verymany found here
Steampunk Couture by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Font S A Cinta
 Canvas 700 by 700
tube -50% & apply Photo Effects- film & filters Glamour
Frame11 reduced by 40% and rotates 25 to the left. Add paper 8 into selections of the center
Frame 12 reduced by 45% rotated 15 to the right and paper 28 added into selections of the center
Elements reduced as follows:
Reduce paper 4 by 65% and apply Xenofex  2 burnt edges
Add your name,selection borders at 1, enhance edges and add noise,deselect and drop shadow
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Glitter Seas

Mermaid 6 by Verymany found here
Glitter of the Sea by Pink Paradox Productions
found here
 font-quiet streets

 Canvas 700 by 700
Frame15 by 45%
paper 35as frame background reduced by 50%
el 92 reduced by 70% and placed under the tube
Behind the frame reduce el 112 and 139 by 25%
el 70 by 30%
The rest are in front of the frame layer
El 28 reduced by 25% and mura meister copies- encircle applied 
el 43 reduced by 15% placed under the crown circle layer
el33 by 8%
el47 by 10
el24 by 12%
el 22,23,45,66,70,104, 105 by 15%
el 29 by 20%
el 83 reduced by 25%
 el 38 by 30%
el 94 by 50%
Duplicate your tube and apply Gaussian blur 3 , blend at screen and lower the opacity to 86
 Add the artist URL, CR your license number and your name

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Pop

Summer By Verymany found here
Wild Summer by Pink Paradox Productions found here
Font Dancing In the rainbow

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube and Frame 10 reduced by 50%
Duplicate the frame and move one to the left and the other to the right. Don't worry about them overlapping we will cover this up. Merge then drop shadow.
 To brighten and darken the tube and elements I applied Photo Effects vivid at default.
Reduce el 68 and 72 by 45%. Then rotate el 68 15 to the left
Between the frame and elements we just placed reduce el140 by 80%, duplicate and change the blend to the top element to burn.Merge down and drop shadow. Duplicate it and reduce by 50%. Then move it to the top left behind the tube's head and bottom right
 mirror el 135 and reduce by 45%, duplicate and flip placement is to the left on the canvas
Reduce el136  and 142 by 45%. duplicate 142 erase the stem, flip and mirror.
all flowers were reduced by 25%
Pineapple and soda bottle by 35%
Glass of soda by 28%( optional-- I added some condensation via eye candy nature)
Lemon and line by 15%
 Starfish by 20% and shell and kiss print by 15%
 Net and oar by 65%
Rotate the oar 15 to the right and the net by 90 degrees
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Monday, June 5, 2017

Beauty Captured

 Cute Photographer 3  by Verymany found here
Captured Moments by Pink Paradox Productions found here
Font and mask of choice

Tube reduced by 65%
Frame reduced by 45% then duplicate, mirrored and reduced by 80%
copy/paste paper 24 into the selections of each frame.
add paper 27 reduced by 70% and apply your mask
All elements were place above the framed layers
 Reduced as follows:
el 103,73 and 41 by 15%
el42 by 45%
el106 by 30%
 el 84,77 and 79by 35%
el 98 by 75%
 add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle by Verymany found here
Warm Autumn Glow found here
Font of choice

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube- 35%
( optional) duplicate the tube and apply perspective shadow via eye candy 5 impact
Frame 14 reduced by 50% and rotated 5 to the left
Rotate paper 41 by 5 degrees and reduce to fit under the frame
Repeat with paper 42 and frame 11 rotating 5 to the right
Items placed between the frames were reduced as follows:
el 177,174,161,152 by 50%
 el 120 by 35%
 el 179 by 65%
 elements under both frames:
129,173 and 94 reduced by 50%
 butterflies were reduced by 30 and 40%
the sunflower by 40%
 Add your name before you convert to raster... apply and double click the vector to open the layer properties to add a gradient glow
 See my setting below

Then convert to raster and add a drop shadow.
 Note the drop shadow will be added to the font only and not the glow. if you want to add under the glow it needs to be done in the layer properties box
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, June 2, 2017

Wolf Country

 Wolf By Verymany found here
Wolf Adventure found here

Font of choice
Mask of choice

Canvas-700 by 700
Tube-50% reductions
 Frame 7-45% reduction
Place tube under frame and freehand select the portion of the tube you want to promote.
 Repeat with element115 mirrored and reduced by 50%, place behind the tube layer.
Click inside the frame, expand by 4, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 32 into selections then mirror
Reduce frame 8 by 50% place to the top left and bottom right
Reduce el 97 by 50% and rotate it 45 degrees to the left. Place under the frame on the left side. Duplicate mirror and rotate 45 degrees to the right.
Decorate your tag.
 I used element  70 as a guide reduced by 45% and rotated 45 to the right
el88,100,104,106 and 107 reduced by 50%
el 83 by 20%
 Add paper 12 and apply your mask
Add your name and apply an inner bevel and glass(eye candy 4)
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crushing On Watermelon

Watermelon  2 by Verymany found here
 Watermelon Crush by Pink Paradox Productions found here

font-pateglamt script

 Camvas 700 by 700
 Tube 50%
Frame 16 45% then duplicate and reduce by 80% and duplicate from the duplicate then reduce by 80%
Click inside of each frame, paste the paper of choice,invert selections and hit delete.
 Make a pre set circle  add paper of choice then place the tube over it( closeup or original,invert selections hit delete and change the blend to overlay and opacity to 71%
Reduce frame 17 by 50% and place behind the frames on the top and bottom.
 Decorate with pink roses reduced to match the size of those in the frame
Reduce frame 15 by 45% and darken by duplicating and changing the blend . Move to the top and bottom behind the rose frame
Reduce the jewel scatter by 80% and butterfly scatter by 50%
Reduce the lady bug by 15%
Add some elements over the el 112 which was rotated 90 to the right flipped reduced and darkened.
 Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license