Tuesday, June 20, 2017


 Two Koalas by Kajenna Found here
FTU items:
Template found here
Scrapkit country summer found here
Texture Large green one used from  here
Mask 80 found here
Font- summer fling found here

 Open the template and delete the CR layer
 Reduce the tube by 25%
Select the pink oval layer and copy the green texture. Paste into selections of the oval.
 Repeat with the orange oval layer and mirror the texture.
Add paper 6 as the last layer of the canvas and apply your mask.
 Then add the same paper into the selections of layer"white oval border"
Add paper3 to yellow circle 1 and 2
as well as paper 15 in to pink circle 1 &2
paper14 into yellow shape
 Reduce el 31 by 70% and place behind the yellow shape layer along with el 23.
 Duplicate the flowers and place one to the bottom right,one to the top and rotate a third one 90 to the left.
 Add elements 11,20,28,30
Add your name in a linear gradient and a gradient glow
Place the artist URL, CR and your license number

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