Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vision Of Fantasy

Justine By Verymany found here
 Exotic Fantasy by Pink Paradox Production found here

 Tube - 55% reduction
Reduce el 46 by 20% and 45 by 15% place both by the foot of the tube.
 Place el 48 behind the tube and elements. erase the lantern part and left the cluster of items as is.
 Add el85 the the unsightly edge we created on the right side of the tube by erasing the lantern and rotate it 25 degrees to the right.
 Duplicate it and mirror
Reduce 53 a142 by 50% and rotate both 25 to the left
 Reduce frame by 45% and place paper 1 into selections of the center of the frame. Add some noise to the frame
 Reduce el 136 by 25% and place on the left side of the frame.
Place el 84, duplicate and change the blend to multiply. Merge it down then move up as seen in the tag above. Erase the top half of the element. duplicate and flip
 Place el 143 reduced by 80% above the flipped element and erase the bottom from showing.
Add el135 to the left and erase the right side
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license

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