Friday, August 18, 2017

Ash's Halloween

Ash by Kajenna
 Found here

Template 10  found here
 textures 9 & 12 found here
Mask 254 found here
Font- Chiller

Some artist from PFD include backgrounds and accessories with the tube on separate layers.
 This tutorial is making use of that and some freebies along the way.
 This can be done with any tube that has a background.
Kajenna is one of the artist that includes sprays and shadows for you to use.

Add the background to the template layer Raster 3. 
Select all,copy/paste into selections then apply Photo effects -vivid.
Copy and paste GH-Texture 12 into the oval layer and apply the Photo effects -vivid.
Apply Kang3- Katscradle to both black circles
Add the Cat tube over brown circle1 and 2
Add the tube again but this time-
 Merge the cat, hat,pumpkins and shadow.Copy and paste then reduce by 45%.
 Apply Photo effects -vivid.
Color pick the orange from the pumpkin ,using the color changer tool fill frame 1 and 2
 Place the pumpkins over pink circle 1 and 2.
Color the white circles the same yellow from the inside of the enhanced merged pumpkins with the cat tube.
Add Texture 9 to the brown squares and Photo effects -vivid.
 Add Texture 12 to the Large center circle and enhance edges.
Color pick the olive green from the background and flood fill the center cirle
Flood fill the white center circle in a brass gradient
 Place the spray from the tube over the center brown circle
Place the branches from the tube twice. One reduce by 35% and move to the right .
 The other arrange the lantern behind the tube and erase everything else.
 Add a new raster layer flood fill with a gradient choosing colors from the tube and apply your mask
 Add the artist URL, CR you name and license.

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