Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cemetery walk

Vampire 4 by Verymany found here
Cemetery Masquerade by Pink Paradox Productions found here

Mask and font of choice

Canvas 700 by 700
Started off making a cluster then went into something bigger...
So let's start where I did.
Reduce the frame 4 by 35%
Duplicate and rotate one 10 degrees to the right and the other 5 to the left
Place the tube under the frame with the makeup and fangs , erase the excess pass the outer edges of the frame then duplicate the tube. Apply XERO -GREYSCALER and change then blend to overlay.
Freehand select the portion on the right side of the tube's face.
 Add a new raster layer then copy paste paper 8 into selections and lower the opacity to 55
Place the tube under the other frame but this time add the blood drips .Erase the tube to fit the inside of the frame then duplicate it. Change the blend to the top tube to overlay. Then add a new raster layer between the tubes. Copy/paste paper 6 into selections and change the blend to hard light
 Darken both frames by duplicating them and changing the blend to multiply.
 Make a flower cluster above the frames layers.
 Reduce the items as follows:
el 60, 110 by 50%
el 104 ,102 by 30%
el 100 by  25%
el 95,87 by 20%
 el 89 ,95,15 by 15%
el 88 by 12%
We could stop the tag here and then add a mask, but why do that ?
Reduce the trees by 45%
The house and moon by 50%
Cemetery by 80%
 Tube by 45%
Add the gravestone and angel statue. Reduce to your liking.
 Add el 82 to fill the walkway and duplicate the grass to fill the tag.
Add paper 1 and apply your mask
 Add the artist URL,CR you name, and license number

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