Monday, August 14, 2017

Halloween House

Halloween House By Kajenna Found here
 FTU kit- found here
 Mask Found here
Font found here

 Canvas 700 by 700
Tube reduced by 45% and filter applied-Photo effects-night effects at default
The witch hat from the tube reduced by 45% and color changer tool applied to the orange stripes . I color picked the color from the kit. I used this color #9ea3ba
Reduce the following elements:
Place  el 51 behind the tube
Reduce el 5 by 80%, click inside the coffin with yur selection tool and expand your selections by 2.
 Copy and paste paper 10 into selections and move it below the element. Duplicate it and apply 3dEffects -Cutout 1,6,70,11.59 black and place above the coffin layer
Place el 28 above the house layer to the right
Place 36 and 26 behind the house on the left
Reduce el 19 by 50% and rotated 10 to the left
Reduce el30 by 45, el 11 by 35 and el13 by 50%
 Place el 37 above the house layer on the left
 on the right add the ghost and lower opacity to 69
 Place the vampire and the shoe to the right
 Reduce el 20 by 50% and rotate 90 to the left
 Reduce the vine by 50% and place at the bottom edge of the tag
 Add the fog again on the right 
Place el 34 and rotate it 10 to the right
 Place the paper behind the house and apply your mask. merge groups and mirror
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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