Friday, August 11, 2017


Pineapple by Verymany found here

Tropical Gypsy by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Font- Acroterion

Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 50%
Make a rectangle and paste paper 37 into selections
Add tube closeup mirrored and change the blend to overlay
Duplicate the rectangle and rotate it 25 to the left. Repeat placing the closeup tube and blend.
Reduce frame 5 by 50% and place between the rectangles ,move one to the left and the other to the right.
Above these frames create a thinner rectangle to the left of the first one. Add paper 33,activate the rectangle, invert selections and hit delete.
Right above this layer create a square and rotate it 15 to the left. Copy paste paper18 into selections.
Create another square and copy/paste paper 34 into selections
Rotate el 128 90 to the left and reduce by 50%.
Duplicate it and rotate 25 to the left. erase the right portion of the element
 Reduce 90 by 25%
102 ,108 (rotate 90 to the left)by 50%
 Duplicate the flower cluster twice. flip one  and place under the tube layer, move the other above the tube layer.
Reduce el 76 by 50% and place under the tube layer to the left, duplicate and flip move back down and to the right.
Reduce el117 by 45% place to the left
Duplicate el 90 flip and move to the bottom right
 Reduce el74 by 50% and move above el 76 to cover the building
Drop shadow used 2,2,60,15 black
To darken elements I applied Photo effects vivd
To darken tube I duplicated it and change the blend to multiply and opacity to 61%
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